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Role-playing is the art of creating and acting out a character complete with distinct mannerisms, speechpatterns, and personality when interacting with other players on the game. While in character (IC), a player acts and reacts as his or her defined character would. While out of character (OOC), a player would act as he or she would in "real life."

A good role-player takes into consideration all aspects of the era in which his character lives. This includes living habits, mannerisms of the times, and the history of the times. Not only does a role-player act in character, they also react in character to the conversations and activities surrounding him or her.

You may also wish to be familiar with the roleplaying culture in the Realms of Despair.

Is Realms of Despair a roleplay-enforced MUD?
Realms of Despair is not a roleplay-enforced mud where you are required to roleplay as part of the requirements to play in it, or you can gain levels through roleplaying. However, the gungho you still decide you would like to taste a bit of what we call roleplay here.

How do I set myself as a roleplayer?
To set yourself as part of the roleplay group, use the following configuration

config +RP

This will put you in the who list for roleplayers, i.e. when you do a who RP, a list of roleplayers will be given to you. However there are some characters who are configured RP in this list but
these people do not exactly 'roleplay' nor interact in the certain ways accrued to roleplaying itself.

Another command which you can use before you roleplay is the config +IC command. This will create a blue IC tag before your character's name and shows that you are in-character and roleplaying in a scene.

config +IC
Avatar {IC} Ilsa Irani

Where can I roleplay?
There are two large groups in which you can ply your roleplaying craft in. One being the Nations and the other being Orders that cater to roleplaying.

There are two Boards and Rooms created expressively for the purpose of roleplaying althought they are not often used as in the past.

These are : National Visions (NV) - The main Board all roleplayers use ICLY. It is a rule that no note posted here must be OOC. If you intend to post OOC content, you will post it in the Unity of the Nations room, one north from here. To get to NV, from DarkHaven Square, move 2 northeast 1 north and you will be in this room

Unity of the Nations - From the DarkHaven Square, move 2 northeast, 2 norths and you will be at the Unity of the Nations Board.

Unity is reformed into an OOC (Out of Character) Board for Roleplayers to interact OOCly (at a majority request). This Board has certain unwritten rules which include no flaming, no hardcore criticism, cussing and swearing or open insult. The main purpose of this Board is for constructive criticism, suggestions or general discussions on the current Rp state or OOC calls for
roleplay sessions.

How do I start roleplaying in the Nations?
A good method to start finding roleplay would use the greenspam channel called Racetalk. Racetalk is a public channel and can be switched on with the command config +racetalk.

Ask on racetalk :

1. Whether your nation has a Hometown;
2. Directions to the Hometown.

Do not fret if you get no answer or if someone throws a rather upsetting remark back at you or people start calling you silly and dumb. Load your browser and load a Website (some good links can be found off the Realms of Despair main website containing directions to hometowns. Most directions to hometowns can be found here.

In the Hometown would be a noteboard where the Nation Leader and other members of the Nation will post up a series of notes. I would suggest reading the board to get a hang of what has been going on with your Nation or was going on with your Nation. And contact your nation leader through mudmail if they are not online.

What are Roleplaying Orders?

Roleplaying Orders cater especially for roleplaying. The Order of Sanctus Irae in the Realms of Despair is dedicated to roleplaying expressively.

Other orders in the Realms may come with their own RP sector. You would want to ask any members of their Induction Team about that.

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