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pre 2000

A Chance Meeting - Chengis, Romani

2000 - 2002

Seeking Someone - Falennt, Natayah
Conflict and Discord - Falennt, Alric, Natayah
Between Three of Us - Arlencia, Khaimran, Sneg

2004 - 2006

After Sunset - Gustav (Braiden), Prina
Stealing a Ride - Gustav (Braiden), Prina
The Castle of the Ice Maiden I - Gustav (Braiden), Prina
The Castle of the Iron Maiden II - Braiden, Prina

2008 - 2007

2009 - 2010


The New Elear - Annale, Israfel
Israfel appears in Arborlon after leaving the Valdislav Conservatory. He indicates to Tari Annale an interest to serve the Quendi Nation.
An Interesting Greeting - Annale, Huawei
Tari Annale meets a young elf by the name of Huawei and engages in conversation.

The Doom Lord Storyline

(See Nations News Bulletin for updates on this)
The Fall of Arborlon - Annale, Vermicio
The Doom Lord Vermicio leads the Pixies to conquer Irrybis and insist on his own account, that Annale will be his betrothed.
The Fall of Arborlon - Aryella
A New Era - Annale
Words of the Wise - Chubbs
The Contract of the Free People of the Realms - Vermicio
Necessary Sacrifices - Vokith
The Rise of the Doom King, Stand of the Elohai - Stela
Uruk'hai vs the Free People - Klaatu
Regarding the Crisis, Stand of City of Irae - Jurevicus
The Vanishing Vale - Farlina
A flyer handed out to the refugees - Ashandra
Another flyer handed out to the refugees - Bertushanon
Private Orders - Annale
Freedom comes to those who wait - Annale
A Precarious Meeting - Annale, Israfel
Israfel and Annale meet in the midst of the chaos surmounting the Doom Lord's reign.
Freedom from "Freedom" - Annale, Israfel
A decision made, Tari Annale joins in the effort to break Vermicio's hold on the Quendi.
Loyalties Declared - Annale, Israfel
Israfel speaks with Annale about faith and duty after Vermicio's mark is removed from the Quendi.
A Bloodied Notice - Vokith
Celebrating Freedom - Annale
The End of Doom - Kosaim
Aryella's Return - Israfel, Kosaim

The Abyssal One Storyline

(See Nations News Bulletin for updates on this)
An Open Letter to the Hobbits - Israfel
An Interesting Visit - Helphyre, Israfel
Following the days after freedom from Vermicio, Israfel decides to visit the hobbit refugee camp in the forest near to the Port of Irrybis.
Seeking a Benefactor - Israfel
At the Hobbit Refugee Camp - Annale, Gentian
Tari Annale takes it upon herself to visit the camp and speaks with Gentian Quicksilver, the refugee camp leader.
Theories of Conspiracy - Annale, Israfel
Within the protection of the library, Annale and Israfel discuss the possibilities and consequences of decisions regarding the situation of the hobbits.
Assumptions, and a Spy - Ashandra, Israfel
Israfel journeys to Darkhaven to meet the Speaker of the Aerandir, Ashandra. A long conversation ensues and a spy's suspicion is raised.
Tipping the Fulcrum - Israfel, Gentian
Before Gentian Quicksilver rode towards the Burrows, the Elear decides to have a meeting with the knight, sparking some controversies and uncovering a few unneeded truths.
An Open Letter to the Khazad - Israfel
A Notice of Warning to the Elohai - Israfel
Kadgeon's Return - Kadgeon
Returning Home - Kadgeon
Towards the Burrows - Gentian
Further Plans - Israfel

2011 - 2014


Happenstance Meetings - Stela, Tharius, Phalar(Quince), Arina,
A group of travelers and persons meet at the National Visions, exchanging news and insights.

2015 -

The Witch of Irrybis Storyline

Sealing A Deal - Vien, Selwyn
Vien, known (but not yet caught) leader of a precious gemstones smuggling ring approaches Selwyn with a deal that must be kept fresh and alive to its destination.
Watched - Written by Vien; unknown to Selwyn and Vien, another is deeply interested in the extra cargo Vien is putting on Selwyn's ship.
Sabrielle - Sabrielle, Vien
At Vien's Mathlaan hideout, Sabrielle is kept powerless and unable to call for help.

The Blessings for Eldestra Storyline

You remind me of ... - Kaiyri, Sephora
Kaiyri wanders through Eldestra and meets a former maid who mistakenly recognize her as the former Speaker Amalia Vydien.
The Ties That Bind - Kaiyri, Ranger Fitael
Kaiyri grows suspicious of her foster family as changes start to creep into her. Her father, Theo, catches her singing a song that only a drow would know.
You Should See A Cleric - Aranvar, Kaiyri
Five years ago, Aranvar Mithendair and Kaiyri Fitael met on the docks of Lake Kielstrom.
Tempers Flared - Aranvar, Kaiyri
Aranvar and Kaiyri meet again, this time under rather awkward circumstances.
Mirtoa Mithendair - Aranvar, Kaiyri
Aranvar invites Kaiyri to a bar in Eldestra to get a couple of ales to calm her down. Unknowing to him, Ashkera Sylvanis had apparently sent a couple of interesting characters to as company.

The Mirtoa Returns - Aranvar
Discovery and Decisions - Rosalia, Aranvar
Aranvar's return was not met with concern by his grandmother, Lady Rosalia. Despite her anger at him, she reveals a plot hatched and brewing by Ashkera Sylvanis, the former Lord of the House of Gold, who apparently is not dead.
Cersei's Blessings - Aranvar
With Best Interests - Ashkera, Nola
Ashkera speaks with his daughter, Nola again of marriage. The girl is stubborn and has other plans of her own.
Ashkera's Plans - Ashkera
Trade Plans - Aranvar, Mabril
Mabril returns with information about the situation in the Sands. Aranvar decides to use this opportunity to strengthen his own ties with another nation leader.
Vacation to Nowhere - Kaiyri
Limerence - Kaiyri, Aranvar, Yaeger
Kaiyri goes to the pier in search of Nikolas who have promised to get passage for her out of Eldestra. She chances upon the only docked ship and finds out the owner is none other than Aranvar.
Greater Stakes - Aranvar, Nikolas, Valen, Jaris
Valen Sylvanis challenges and insults Aranvar in a tavern. Nikolas hears of a certain set of news which might be a profitable bargaining chip for him.
Missive to Lord Sylvanis - Nikolas
Wavering Trust - Kaiyri, Aranvar
Following Nikolas' words, Aranvar goes to the Hunting Grounds the next day in desperation to search for the former Speaker's child.

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