Rowanne And Anmect

Anmect and Rowanne, former Lord and Lady of Lo'kier, be the first pair on our list. Their relationship had grown from mentor - apprenticeship before expanding into love and devotion to each other.

1. How did the two of your characters meet ICly?
We met on the edge of Darkhaven. I was new to the lands of Al Amin (Lo'Kier) and just becoming an established necro-savant, and Rowanne had been searching for a teacher of the dark artes. Quite boldly she approached me and we managed as master and student for a rather enjoyable six hundred years.

2. Was there an exchange of items or gifts to secure the relationship?
Indeed, through tender and private ceremony we exchanged gifts: Locks of hair and offerings of blood.

3. How would you describe the prior relationship between the
two characters?
This query is clearly out of order good Faya, I will offer this instead: We were quite devoted within the bounda ries of appropriate behaviour as Master and Student. A castle filled with fanatical knights and scheming drow does not a ripe envoirment for romance make.

4. Did the relationship change to something better or worse?
With time and tide we became closer still, eventually bonding at a soul level and through magics most would consider macabre. In private we became more than simply magi, we found love within the confines of eternal darkness. I believe the integral turning point was when we were embalming the Valsharess Rhyl; over entrails and saw dust our love was forever secured. Quite romantic, wouldn't you agree.

5. What are the key things that sustains this relationship?
Aside from the pursuit of everlasting life, we are both quite taken with each other, commited, and share a love for something greater than the necromatic artes: Each other.

6. In your own personal opinion, what can you forsee for this relationship? (i.e. answer for yourself)
We see lichdom, eternal romance, and unfaltering obsession. To start with anyhow.

7. Use one adjective to describe the relationship between the both of you, and why did the both of you choose this adjective?
You are clearly unprepared to handle the calibur relationship that we possess, yet I will try: mutual-obsession. After all, one can not spend six hundred years around the other without a bit of obsession

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