About the Human Nation

About the Keep of Lomar

During the dark time of the human race, the bands of humans feared daily the raids from the surrounding orc tribes. It was a time of chaos and dread, when no man could step foot outside at night without risking a blade in his back, or an arrow through his heart.

The human leaders came together and decided that in order to protect their people, they had to unite and build a place to defend themselves properly. A secret location was chosen, and a sturdy keep was built along the Westwick River. The remnants of all the human clans retreated to the keep and managed to elude many of the orc tribes. The ones that discovered the keep were in for a hard battle.

Eventually, peace came, and the humans scattered away from the confinement of the keep. They went on to build great cities, some as nearby as Ofcol. Soon, only a handful of families were left in the keep. Most of its wartime armaments were dismantled and it settled back into a small, tight knit community.

It remains there today, forgotten in the memories of many, but still a stronghold for humanity should the need rise again.

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float, or aqua breath spell, there is a river you will have to cross and if you have none of these spells you will drown.

Visitors' Information
Visitors of other races to Lomar may require a visitor's token to enter the Keep. Contact the Nation Leader or any human to obtain the Royal Crest of Lomar from Raclya at 'Raclya's Dry Goods and Supplies'. The token can be obtained with 50,000 coins and 'telling' Raclya 'token'.

The Human Council

Nation Leader : Yoshio

List of Leaders

Moonfire Dates unknown Dates unknown
Ardeth Dates unknown Dates unknown
Telemnar Dates unknown Dates unknown
Chivress Apr 2001* Aug 2001
Ezmerelda Aug 2001 Dec 2001
Noplex Dec 2001 Jun 2002
Anjilique Jun 2002 Jul 2002
Doyle Jul 2002 12/4/03
Miyaki 12/04/03 04/26/04
Aziel 04/26/04 04/07/05
Tajah 04/07/05 11/15/05
none 11/05/05 01/14/06
Malcom 01/14/06 05/05/06
Sealom 05/05/06 11/17/08 unofficial
Tonitrus 11/17/08 12/11/08 Tonitrus second
Yoshio 12/11/08 (present)
  • No dates were kept prior to this entry.

A Record of History

Winter 2002:
The plague was cured by the Drow, in exchange for an alliance with them. The orcs made several invasion attempts, before finding out that Gaelinar had been killed and Ogerajin had taken over the clan.

It turns out the dragons brought the plague into the area. No cure has been found as of yet. Nothing seems to work. The Gaelinar's clan of orcs have started a war with us, trying to eradicate the plague, by eradicating us.

The humans and ogres went to slay the dragons threatening the northern nations.

The humans and ogres made a "Pact of Passage" protecting the trade routes between the two nations.

Anjilique left the nation, and Doyle is the new nations leader.

Doyle returns from the north, it turns out the plague is real, and if that is not bad enough, there are dragons nesting in the mountains north of Lomar.

Disgusted by the lack of concern for the nation, Doyle took off on his own to investigate north.

Anjilique is our new queen after winning the title in a game of darts with Noplex.

Character Information


Roleplaying Logs

Doyle Returns from the North - Doyle, Jinnai, Anjilique, Sinfonian
The Pact of Passage - Doyle, Klaatu
The Hunt - Cielia, Doyle, Klaatu, Orcadian, Sinfonian
The Plot - Shadia, Shelaine
Crossed Paths - Doyle, Lilandra, Bhuta, Alerious, Shadia, Khajit
Meeting in the Cave - Doyle, Shadia
Decisions - Doyle, Sinfonian, Sealom, Feilim, Taithun, Orcadian
The Agreement - Doyle, Shadia
Training - Doyle, Orcadian, Sinfonian, Sealom, Feilim
Orc Invasion - Doyle, Feilim
The Unexpected Meeting - Varrick, Doyle
The Amulet - Doyle
The Search Begins - Fiebin, Doyle
The Khazad - Yeroc, Doyle
The Check Up - Varrick, Doyle, Gildeth, Mbwana
The Elohai - Doyle, Rebeca

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