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Mount Krozloy

Lost among the Barren Peaks is the forbidding Mount Krozloy. This peak is the domain of one of the most barbarous and crude races within the Realms…the half-orc. Krozloy is resplendent (by orc standards). The half-orcs are zealous in guarding their meager treasures and post a continuous watch around their town.

From Darkhaven Square, (invis required) 6n, 3nw, w, n, 4e, s, w, sw, nw, n, ne, u, 2ne, u, ne, u, ne, nw, w, u, 2ne, u, w, u, ne, w, 4sw, 4w, d, 2nw, sw, u, 4w, u, 2w, n, 2e, open n, n

Visitors' Information
Visitors of other races to Mount Krozloy may require a visitor's token to climb the peak. Contact the Nation Leader or any half-orc to obtain a 'token of friendship' from Grum in 'Grum's Diary'. The token can be obtained with 50,000 coins and 'telling' Grum 'token'.


List of Leaders

Vrakk Apr 2001* Jun 2002
Gaelinar Jun 2002 Aug 2002
(no leader) Aug 2002 Nov 2002
Ogerajin Nov 2002 Apr 2003
Yanic Apr 2003 Jun 2003
Carnak Jun 2003 01/03/06
Kragash 01/03/06 01/07/09
Vokith 01/07/09 (present)
  • before this time I didn't keep records

Past and Current Plots

Roleplaying Logs

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