Name : Sabrielle Alu'eth
Origin : Irrybis

Description :
Like entwined rivers of night, gleaming ebony hair falls like torrents down this lithe elf maiden's back, twisting en-route across thin shoulder blades, its glittering dark ends sweeping like flexible obsidian icicles at her hips. She wears a simple one-piece dress of fine, pale ecru wool, gathered before the breast and tied around with a single russet ribbon. Rather worn leather boots shelter both tiny feet and the same leather is cut and shaped to form battered gloves that shield her hands.

Forest green eyes, the shade of ancient leaves, are set above sharp elfin cheekbones and a small nose. There is just one imperfection though to the golden cast of the girl's features - a fold of skin, a 'U' shaped scar sits just under the left cheekbone; like a mark cast on a slave.

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