A Gift Ought To Be Shared

[ 85] Salome: A gift ought to be shared.
Wed Jan 27 23:19:22 2010
To: Readers
Jealousy, such an unbecoming quality in a person but one that was all too familiar in nature to the child vampire, Salome di Montalia. She was jealous at Dominique for having Sander's physical love, she was jealous at Rasha's beauty and currently…she was jealous that Sander had been graciously given a "gift" by the Lord Etienne. A gift that had been mentioned _every_single night since their audience had taken place.

She was sick of it! Where was her gift?

Was she not the star in the troupe? If a gift wasn't voluntarily handed over, she would see to it that she'd receive it nevertheless. The gift's name was Matthieu, a servant of the Lord and one of exquisite beauty with an angelic face, dark curls and most importantly…seemingly close to her own age. Coaxing him to join herself in the troupe's suite wasn't a difficult task and so the youth found himself in the enrapturing lull that was Salome.

Sprawled on the bed, the child vampire calls upon the power of her blood to appear even more alluring as she slowly, one by one, unbuttons his shirt. Her fingertips dance upon his warm skin and she slides the fabric from his shoulders, all the while placing small butterfly kisses here and there. The only sound that had been audible was the steady breathing of the boy but now Salome whispered sweet nothings in Matthieu's ear, drawing him even deeper into her spell. Petite lips inch from his earlobe down to his neck, where they rest for just a moment before they part. Her small fangs descend and very carefully break the skin beneath.

Afterwards, she licks his wounds to leave no trace of the tiny puncture marks. Salome's head now rests on Matthieu's chest and she looks up at him. "Now, mon chere, tell me everything you know about Christian von Karlach and don't spare details," she demands sweetly.

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