Curiosity Might Keep A Cat Alive

[ 99] Salome: Curiosity might keep a cat alive
Thu Jan 7 11:13:10 2010
To: Readers
"Perhaps, let me tell you, Monsieur, once you have cleared your head, about my situation here; and there are consequences which you will not even wish for if I work with you."

The words drift clear as night into the corridor outside the playwright's room, Christian von Karlach. A small shadow presses further into a niche, ensuring that her presence was neither sensed or seen.

When Sander van der Meer readied himself for a talk with Christian, it became very apparent that this meeting was different than the one he had with Etienne. Salome's curiosity was promptly peaked and so she followed her warden on silent step. She wasn't disappointed for the conversation was full of subtle hints and bold displays of stupidity. Salome was horrified to hear that Sander was not even remotely close to stand up to Christian who had easily the upper hand in the entirety of this farce. Realizing that the conversation had abruptly come to an end, the child vampire hurries back to her quarter. Dominique was out and about, so she had the suite for herself. She steps to the window and parts the heavy drapes to let the languid moonlight spill into the room. While gnawing on her bottom lip, Salome begins to digest the words she had just listened to.

Just what was Christian's "situation"? Sander obviously was not interested in finding out but Salome most definitely was. If she wanted to stay within the walls of this city, she would have to know just whom she was dealing with and whom she had to avoid in the future. Staying alive, after all, was an art too.

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