The Forbidden Fruit

[ 54] Salome: The Forbidden Fruit
Sun Oct 4 12:33:28 2009
To: Readers
It was the opening night at the Teatro Alla Scala, a grand scene of talent
and spectators coming together to pay homage to Her. She would take the stage
for the last time in her mortal shell, at least if everything went according
to Marcelo di Montalia's plan. He was well aware that he was to commit an act
that was highly frowned upon in the society but surely his clan mates would
understand and appreciate his dedication to the fine arts. To let her voice
go through the transition of adulthood would be blasphemy! The beauty and
more importantly, the innocence would get lost, the world robbed of the chance
to at least once listen to the absolute pure bliss. Marcelo had to preserve
her gift, had to make her part of him…had to embrace her.


It was the closing night at the Palais Garnier and the last candles were
snuffed out in the Grand Foyer. The remaining noises were slowly replaced by
the comforting silence of the night.

She was sitting in her dressing room in front of a large mirror. The face
of a child was staring back at her, soft and round features that were on the
verge of taking on a more woman like appearance. Her eyes wander down to her
adolsecent body and her face suddenly contorts into a mask of pure rage. With
a piercing wail, she shatters the mirror into thousands of pieces.

Salome was no mere child but a woman forever trapped in the body of one.

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