Selling Out

Grishnakh strides out from the shadows.

Hanahleda curtseys gracefully.
Hanahleda eeps!

Sareko says 'then to when our path meets again, ambassador'

Hanahleda curtseys gracefully to Grishnakh.

Sareko bows before Grishnakh.

Kuah says 'Hail, dark lord.'

Grishnakh says 'Salkare, Olog'hai'

Sareko says 'Hail to you'

Hanahleda curtseys gracefully.
Hanahleda waves happily.

Kuah says 'We were just meeting to discuss… matters.'

Hanahleda says 'Good journies all..'

Kuah says to Hanahleda 'Safe hunting.'

Grishnakh strides purposefully to the center of the room,
surveying all that is around him.
Grishnakh says 'Good'
Grishnakh says 'because i too need to discuss… matters'

Kuah says to Grishnakh, 'Had we known you were coming… we
would of called a full council.'

Grishnakh makes a dismissive motion with his right hand,
"No matter… you can pass any news on to your council
at a later time"

Kuah nods solemnly.

Kuah quickly covers up sheets of paper and notes on the table
and then slowly sits down with his focus on the dark lord.

Grishnakh shoots a quick glance to the papers and smirks.

Sareko slowly walks to the other side of the table, takes a
chair, and slowly sits down, a drop of sweat from his
forehead ending on the table.

Kuah asks Grishnakh, 'Have… have you news for us… dark lord?'

A cooling breeze blows through the room from the window.

Grishnakh says 'the Half-troll nation served me well when I
needed your… assistance'
Grishnakh says 'I have not forgotten that'
Grishnakh says 'you will have chance to serve me again in the
future I am sure'

Kuah says 'We did all we could, the Glar'kai were more than willing
to… serve. Though I still say you had no need of our…

Grishnakh says 'No race takes the might of the Trolls on the
battlefield lightly'

Kuah mutters tohimself about elves and battlefields then nods
towards Grishnakh.

Grishnakh says 'You and I have many things in common… we both have
no love for the… Heruk'
Grishnakh says 'but if my mastr plan comes into fruition… you will
not have to worry about the Heruk anymore'

Kuah says, 'Yes… they can be quite a… thorn.'
Kuah slowly rubs a long scar on his chin and neck.
Kuah stands up.
Kuah asks Grishnakh, 'You mean to eliminate them all?'

Sareko brings his chair closer to the table, still listening carefuly
to the coversation…

Grishnakh leans on his large sword and nods, "They shall pay for what
they have done… to me…
as long as an Elf lives in
these Realms, I shall not

Sareko asks Grishnakh, 'Does this include the Heruks of the Dark kind?'

Grishnakh shakes his head in Sareko's direction.
Grishnakh says 'No.. I have nothing against the… drow'

Kuah looks to the window, 'It must of been some great dishonor for them
to have full attention of… you, dark lord.'

Sareko sighs, focusing on a mark on his shoulder…a pantagram mark,
probably carved during a torture session from a drow…

Grishnakh says 'in fact, I have just recently struck an allliance with
the Llothites… they will soon retake theDrowish City
and put their Queen Rhyl back on the throne'

Kuah says 'Was this reason behind your… attack on the deity Aphrael?
That she was long ago an… heruk mortal in these Realms?'

Grishnakh says 'She was meddling where she shouldn't meddle'
Grishnakh shrugs helplessly.

Kuah says to Grishnakh, 'I had thought it more random… forgive me.'

Grishnakh says 'And my attack has drawn the ire of the so called…
Lo'Kier…. but no matter… they are weak as well'

Sareko seems confused. Looking toward Kuah, he ask : "Lo'Kier?"

Grishnakh says 'Those knights that have devoted themselves to the
Keep of Rol Na Fienne… and that fool Anmect'

Sareko says 'ah…I see…'

Kuah says to Grishnakh, 'And what of King Anmect, he and his ilk have…
promised revenge on you. I have kept most at
arms length with the… Olog'hai involvement.'

Grishnakh sighs as he begins to pace, "They are a pesky thorn in my side…
my true enemies are the Elfs..but
any others who stand against me…
well, they will have to be taken care

Kuah says to Grishnakh, 'The king… he thinks the Olog'hai more a…
buisness deal than true followers… no offence,
but it is safer for all if it is seen that way.'

Grishnakh says 'but I have mainly come to reassure the Olog'hai that since
you stand by me, I stand behind you…'

Kuah quickly looks at Sareko, 'I had no doubts in you, you have shown me
visions of what is to be if we are loyal.'

Grishnakh says 'and that thonce and future Drow Queen Rhyl has sworn an
oath of fealty towards me… as has the Gith Lady Goomra
and the Lady Emberlynia'

Sareko says to Grishnakh, 'Are you certain that the drow can be trusted?
They have a….hum…reputation…'

Grishnakh says 'so you shall look to them as your allies as you look to me'

Kuah says to Grishnakh, 'Whatever service you require, we will make haste
to… aid.'
Kuah asks Sareko, 'Right, Warlord?'

Grishnakh frowns slightly, "Yes… the drow aren't always trustworthy…
but Rhyl has sworn to my blade…"

Sareko says to Kuah, 'Yes, of course Lord Kuah'

Grishnakh says 'I must now be off'

Sareko bows before Grishnakh.

Kuah says to Grishnakh, 'We await your next word.'
Kuah kneels before Grishnakh.

Grishnakh nods in greeting towards you.
Grishnakh disappears into the shadows.

Kuah sits down a look of relief on his face.

Kuah asks Sareko, 'Do you… do you think he knows we mean to betray him?'

Sareko washes the sweat off his forehand, and takes a long breath.

Kuah says 'He offered up so much more we can… sell to the King and
those of Rol Na Feinne.'
Kuah says 'But I have no love for the damn heruk.'
Kuah says 'I still say we can play both sides till the end and come out
ever richer and, if the heruk vanish in the process, even
more the glory to all Olog'hain.'

Sareko says 'neither do I…but even less do I have for the dark ones…
and now we have to allie with them?'

Sareko agrees with you.

Kuah says 'He said to.. look upon them as such. I'll be damned if I
am sending them… gifts.'
Kuah says 'Then you agree, with even this much more information, we can…
start the process of selling our information to the highest

Sareko look again at the mark of a pentagram carved in his shoulder…
Sareko syas 'I have had a bad experience with the drows…'
Sareko says 'yes, I do…but we must be careful'

Kuah leans back with a satisified look on his face.
Kuah says to Sareko, '…of course.'

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