Silent Desperation

A coach, festooned with the past year's festivus trimmings, rumbled away on its steel-rimmed wheels from the large doors of the Theatre d'Santorus, the sole passenger already disembarked with just one single piece of luggage and having made his way already into the foyer of the building itself. [Christian]

He is dressed warm; in the usual dark colors he always wore — and the familiar ruffled-collar shirt; down to the neatly tied tail of pale blonde white. But warmth is not something this man would need, and the larger overcoat with its thick scarf is taken off as the luggage he carried is placed with a soft clack on the marbled floor of the Theatre's foyer. [Christian]

The evening that he arrived is still early, the sun just having finished its descent into the horizon, leaving the skies in a bruised purplish haze. He would not be expecting to see anyone yet, perhaps his attendant Matthew if the latter is still there, or perhaps the little red-haired fraulein. [Christian]

The drapes in her room were still drawn tight over the windows in her chamber. The only light from a small lamp burning on a spindle legged side table next to her favorite chair. The lady herself was putting the last pin in her hair, putting the beautiful mass of red curls high atop her head with small, curling tendrils brushing the nape of her neck. [Rasha]

She had dismissed her maid and had therefore, managed to dress herself in a white gown with small green pin striping with a rim of dark green velvet. Rising from the dressing table, she steps into velvet green slippers, starts for the door, grabbing the script off the table next to it and heading down the stairs. [Rasha]

She wasn't checking on Ember just then, she wanted some time alone to read over the script. Descending the stairs, her attention is drawn toward the foyer and who she sees, gives her pause, one hand on the railing. "Christian?" she says, looking toward the man that she must surely be imagining. [Rasha]

The pale blonde fellow's chin tilts, his sights roving upwards to the source of the feminine voice coming from the stairs. A strand of watery gold falls across his visage and his hand moves to push it away, forming shadows on his skin that twitch as he lays his hand away now. [Christian]

"Fraulein." He appears to smile faintly, the expression itself wrought with some compressed form of guilt and hidden relief that it is her whom he saw first upon return. [Christian]

He arches his back to bend just barely and that he picks up the only luggage he has; and turns his position to face the red-headed girl upon the stairs fully. Something within his memory jolts and then is forgotten once more. [Christian]

"Come here, would you, fraulein?" The pale blonde fellow suddenly asks quietly, low as his voice poised, it is enough to reach her from between their separated distance. [Christian]

The sound of his voice…she nearly broke into a smile, the edge of her lips does curl slightly but quickly fear seemed to replace it and she looks both behind her and around the quite theatre. It was early, the others would be rising for awhile but she worries about Etienne rising early and finding Christian here. What would he say or do? [Rasha]

She continues down the stairs as he beckons, all thoughts of Etienne gone. Her step quickens at the bottom step and though she fought daily for composure and being aloof…with Christian, her dearest friend, all pretense was gone. "Christian." she whispers again, dropping the script and coming to stop just in front of him, staring at him as though she still thought him a dream. [Rasha]

"You shouldn't have come!" she says in a low whisper and completely contrary to what she says, she throws her arms about his neck and hugs him. [Rasha]

His luggage, clasped in that one hand, is dropped with her fast embrace about him; their not-quite difference in height making it a little easier for him to just curve his back and fold his free arm behind her petite back gently. [Christian]

The pale blonde fellow subtly shifts his foot however, the wrench of shadows that he controlled moving to grasp the fallen luggage and mute its fall onto the ground. Now that the other hand is freed, its gloved digits are placed on her shoulder; [Christian]

"I have to return." He replies to her whisper; firmly, seriously, and draws his face away, viridian sights leveling with Rasha's own grey ones. And his voice further drops a notch, becoming heavy and indistinctively weary. "I could not resolve my sins, fraulein. I tried." [Christian]

Rasha's eyes close a moment at the feel of his embrace but she does remember herself and pulls back enough that she could look easily into his eyes. Her hand goes to his face, fingers trailing lightly along his jawline, her eyes showing her sorrow at his words. [Rasha]

"What can I do to help you? You are my dearest friend, you need only ask it." she says quietly. It was true he was her dearest friend. He was so far the only person she had ever met that didn't either want something from her, wished to gain popularity by being associated with her or wished to control her. She detested being lorded over but was often forced into those situations…even to a destructive end. That one secret was as bad if not worse than Christian's sins. [Rasha]

The pale blonde fellow appears to be caught in thought upon hearing her offer, words failing from his mind and silence emerges from his pressed lips. His golden brows knit slightly; expression ever so rare on Christian's face indeed. [Christian]

"Fraulein. I have a question. In which you must be truthful, and answer me before Etienne awakes." His eyes gleam a little; the viridian irises spilling into a bright glaze of emerald; but he remains close, his hand still pressed against the small of her back, and his other hand, their fingers curled lightly upon her dainty shoulder — mayhaps not allowing her to leave, or run away from him. [Christian]

He leans in nearer, tilting his head towards her; as he mouths his question in half-whisper, half-silence; "Did you, or did you not promise Alexi Klein what he asked of you, fraulein?" [Christian]

Her gaze remains on his, her grey eyes shot through hints of dark, nearly navy blue. Questions ran through her expression, wondering what he would ask but what he finally asks confuses her. She keeps her own voice low as she replies. [Rasha]

"Christian he asked of me to be at his side, to that I did not agree." she says, not trying to break from his grasp, she was simply to pleased to see him. Though questions of Alexi she had not expected. [Rasha]

The pale blonde fellow however does not show any signs of relief or upset at her reply; instead towards what she had recounted of her answer to Alexi, Christian merely replies in a flat monotone, drawing his mouth close to the red-haired girl's ear. [Christian]

"Alexi Klein knows of my sins." He pauses, as if delivering news of great importune and pulls himself away from Rasha, straightening his back and his hands drift away back to behind that straight back. His countenance changes immediately, composing back to the reserved, detached, faintly incurious Christian he usually is, as two attendants appear chattering on the second floor, their arms heaped with laundry, waiting for them to vanish to another room. [Christian]

Shivers slightly though if it was from his closeness or is words, its not know. His words however chill her blood and she closes her eyes. They were both caught between two evils. She reacts to the servants as well, turning slightly away from Christian, walking on silent slippers deeper into the foyer, away from the view of the stairs. [Rasha]

She turns back, looking toward him, whispering softly, knowing he would hear despite the short distance between them. "What can we do?" she asks. She didn't wish to be owned or manipulated by either Alexi or Etienne and the theatre she loves so dearly was beginning to feel more like a prison. [Rasha]

Once the foyer has fallen quiet again, his luggage is retrieved, picked up, and the pale blonde fellow pads after her, following on her graceful shadows shorn to the marbled floor by the gleam of the lamps within the building. [Christian]

At the very moment that the red-haired girl turns and voices her question in his direction, does Christian stop; his face expressionless and yet the encumbered shadows that broil at his feet shake. "We cannot leave, fraulein. We must not leave." [Christian]

Swiftly, he comes by the girl's side; his hand moves to grasp her arm lightly; urging her into a niche amidst the many corridors and turnings of the Theatre's first floor where they may have that few precious moments of privacy. [Christian]

"Rasha." The pale fellow begins, his voice purposeful, heedful, undoubtedly so, having never spoken her name outright without the honorific of a title. "There are things that Alexi Klein has asked of me to do. Which I will carry out." [Christian]

"These deeds will not harm you, neither will it harm the theatre or the people you adore. Those are the conditions I exchanged for." The pale blonde fellow continues, his words quickening as if he still had breath, she would have heard his words waver so poorly. [Christian]

Rasha slips into the niche at his urging, her eyes searching his, drifting only briefly to the luggage he holds. She starts to speak but is stopped by what he says. "Christian…Christian, what have promised this man? My only fear of him is what harm he could now bring you." she says, her hand coming up to touch his forearm gently. [Rasha]

What had he promised? Surely he would not attempt anything against Etienne. He was the only one of the two whom she feared to anger. [Rasha]

Locks of blonde, now darkened by the shadows within the niche, that the lights do not reach fall astray across his temples as his head bows down towards the red-haired girl. And as if he has read her thoughts, his face draws close to Rasha's again and he speaks, just enough a whisper heightened for her ears. [Christian]

"I will not do anything against Etienne d'Santorus. I will not be harmed either." All his composure falls apart for just that instantaneous moment, and he lays his forehead upon the girl's shoulder; his hands clasping her upper arms tightly, murmuring in that poor tone of earlier. "Fraulein. You must stay here. That is the only request I ask of you." [Christian]

Had her heart cared anymore, it would have been racing but it was as still as ever in her chest. She closes her eyes at his words and then the feel of him leaning against her shoulder and the silken fabric of her gown. What had he promised? [Rasha]

"I give you my word, as you are my dear friend, that I will stay. But Christian? Pray tell me what you have promised?" she worries to what will happen when Etienne learns of his return. [Rasha]

"Not here, and not now, fraulein." The pale blonde fellow withdraws himself, dismissing the vulnerable open state he was previously in, and just shakes his head at the red-haired girl. [Christian]

"Letting you know my promises to Alexi Klein would mean telling you my sins." He continues holding her shoulders there and then, watching her with green eyes drawn into distance before he snaps back again to where they are. "Fraulein." The pale fellow asks, his tone drawing lethargically casual. [Christian]

"Have you been happy then, in the recent days?" [Christian]

Rasha stares into his as he pulls his back from her shoulder. Their hushed whispers wouldn't be heard by anyone until they were upon them and by then, the two would know of anyone's approach. She wasn't happy knowing he was in trouble there was little she could do to help him, but as his friend, she would abide his wishes. [Rasha]

His sudden change of subject takes her by surprise however. Her answer is in her usual haughty and detached tone, "I have been well and busy learning the new play. I have a new friend, you should meet her, Ember, she is still asleep above stairs." she says though talk of such mundane things was not what she wanted just then. [Rasha]

She levels her gaze firmly with his, "And you Christian, have you been..happy these recent days?" she asks, using his own question against him. [Rasha]

"No." The pale blonde fellow tells the red-haired girl, abiding by truth and nothing else. He takes two steps back, his hands falling away from his touch upon her now but his gaze is still attuned to the one that she has fixed on him. [Christian]

An extensive glance is spared to the fluted cornices above as he slips another step away from the niche he had urged her to earlier. And then, he looks upon Rasha once more, shaking his head. "It is better that I do not meet those whom you associate with now, fraulein. It might be wise to just know them on my own. It will… be better for the circumstances." [Christian]

Rasha again worries over what he has promised and she moves in closer to him as he steps away, her hands moving to grip his arms now, though gently. Looking into his eyes beseechingly, she whispers urgently, "Do not risk yourself for him Christian, Alexi is not worth it, no matter your sins." [Rasha]

"I will help you do what you must do if you would simply trust me to help you." she whispers, her face close to his. [Rasha]

The pale blonde man appears sufficiently attracted to her gestures, enough so to elicit and propel a genuine response from him — that he lowers his face too, towards the red-haired girl, and, not to press a kiss, but to lean his chill forehead against hers, his iron-green sights closing. [Christian]

"Fraulein. No." He answers her singularly, authoritatively — that decline to her aid immediate. "No. You are not to be involved in this." [Christian]

Now he removes himself from Rasha once more, and clasps the hold upon his luggage tight. "Fraulein." The pale blonde fellow now speaks, stepping verily much away from her. "I must see Etienne d'Santorus now. Perhaps later, I'll visit you, if you wish." [Christian]

Rasha was an actress and a force to be reckoned with. She doesn't ever take no easily. Not when she really wanted something. And she was just about to brush her lips against his lightly in insisting on that 'yes' when he pulls away. [Rasha]

There was a feeling… what was this feeling, oh , yes, a bit crushed by his withdrawal, her plan thwarted. "Yes..yes of course, as you wish, M'lord von Karlach." she says, more formerly than she has ever addressed him. [Rasha]

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