The Rise Of The Doom King Stand Of The Elohai

[ 73] Stela: The Rise of the Doom King
Sat Dec 13 13:30:56 2008
To: Fascists and Imperials Alike
To all those "Free Peoples of the Realms" who swear fealty to the Doom King:

Let it be known that Eldestra, in keeping with its steady march towards
isolationism, will not join this Empire. As granted to me by the powers of the
mighty rivers flowing through Eldestran lands, Emera Mystika, and the Covenant
of the Sacred Glade, and in concert with the Ancient Order of the Arcanes we
shall recede from this realm.

As I pen this notice, wards are being constructed to disallow the passage
of any persons not of Elohai blood across the River Nenda and into Eldestra.
Furthermore, any Elohai who is not a citizen of the Shining City shall
henceforth not be allowed to travel within its walls. We are shielding our
city from sight, sound, and most importantly intrusion. I have beseeched
Arcane Elders to recreate wards which have never before been used outside of
our Sanctum. Death Wards are being bespelled into the borders of our city, and
any who dare to cross shall surely die a slow and painful death.

Only the Elohai Arnen are henceforth allowed passage out of the city
proper, and only through mystical means which shall be provided by Emera
Mystika and the Order of Arcanes.

We will not join.

We will not surrender the sovereingty of Eldestra.

We will not fight.

To the Doom King Vermicio, Lord of the Free Peoples of the Realms, I am
most interested in meeting you personally. For such a meeting a special
arrangement can be made. Just outside the borders of our realm, and with the
attendance of Arcane Guardians. If you are so inclined, I would welcome some
time with you.

I beg any who read this to heed my warnings as truth. For while my nation
will not fight against this Empire, my Order has pledged its protection upon

I leave this Empire to itself, as does Eldestra. We will continue to keep
to ourselves until such time as need proves otherwise.

Stela Solstice
Speaker of the Elohai
Archmage, Emera Mystika
Arcane Virtuoso of Water & Wind

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