Aule spent the many long years at his forge, crafting in the most artful way great tools and devices that would be useful to his children in their day. And when the appointed day arrived at last the Fathers of the Dwarves awoke from the deep-stone. And Aule spoke to them and instructed them in the use of the tools that he had made. And he taught them how to mine the gems beneath the Earth with the finely wrought picks and how to gather the wood they would require by use of the finely wrought axes he had made.

And of the Seven Fathers, Aule placed each of them in the far flung parts of the Earth. And coming from the stone some stayed therein, building great halls under the Earth. But some took up the axes Aule had made and journeyed out into the vast forests and there they felled the ancient trees and gathered the fine woods, and built great halls there in those dark and majestic depths.

Thus the Dwarves are still known as the Miners of Ea, but also the Fellers of the Great Trees. And to this day some Dwarves live beneath and some Dwarves live above Ea.

Thus it was that Stonegrip came to life in the mines beneath Ea in the Realms. And all his followers took up the Great Axes and felled and hewn the Great Trees of the dark forest. So great was their labor that many years passed and still the Trees fell. Had it not been for the Great War and the ensuing Darkness of that First Age, it is possible that nothing of the Trees might have remained. But of course that story, and the whole of those tales are recounted elsewhere, and aside from how they impacted us, are beyond the scope of this work.

For generations Stonegrip and his family prospered and lived in the Great Hall of Mithril beneath the Realms. But in time many wanted to be upon Ea, and see the sun and feel the breezes, and smell the fresh flowers all about.

Thus in time Stonegrip too built a great fortress in the deep forest. Hewn of the finest woods and inlaid with the deepest gems known anywhere, it was said that this hall surpassed, for a time in beauty, anything else that had been known to Ea.

From this Hall great trade routes were established and all throughout the Realms; elves, pixies and humans marvelled at the beauty and the mystery of Dwarven work. Indeed to this day many of the arts and crafts seen in other speaking peoples flow from this original work of Stonegrip and his family.

Many came to the Great Hall just to wander and admire the fine craft of the Dwarves there. In those days the Dwarves have no enemies and all travelers from far and wide were welcomed and fed and housed for a time until their journey should continue.

And thus the name of our ancestral hall on the byways, boroughs and throughout the Realms became known as 'Gemstone Hall'. And all the people hereabouts began calling Stonegrip, Stonegrip Gemstone. And the Gemstone name has remained to this day.

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