The After Twilight Society

Glimpse a not so contemporary world, a place where hearts once humane gather in guises of various facades, wrenching their own right for power, affection and desire, sympathy and apathy.

A heaven not ruled by the Lord, a heaven crafted from many a pale hand and drawn to life by the symphony of sanguine rivers.

Welcome to this world, where the bells of faith are drowned by the enshrouding inset of night; where they dwell and ponder upon their existences as lords of this civilization.

And where a wish may come true through a promise made.

Between man and the devil of his own heart.

Current Characters

List of the Current Cast, Dopo il Crepuscolo Società; the current cast of our characters.

Former Cast of Characters in the After Twilight Society; mostly inactive or passed on.

Roleplay Logs

Lux et Veritas – the Giovanni of Camden
Living a fragile mutalistic relationship with the Court, the Giovanni seek to build a fortune upon the rich resources of the sea surrounding the town of Camden and the City of Irae, diverting from their usual expertise in wine and vineyards. Leon di Giovanni was sent to Irae again as the new head of the hospice of St. Sophia, as punishment after his failed attempt as an administrator in the City of Irae; and to watch him, his close cousin, the beautiful and ambitious Isadora di Giovanni.
Isadora's Arrival - Leon, Isadora
Isadora di Giovanni, charming, scheming, ambitious, arrives on pretext of aiding her dear Cousin Leon with his work in the City of Irae. But the current darling of the Giovanni Family have a different agenda all together.
Words Exchanged amongst Roses - Leon, Isadora
Isadora is brought to Leon's home near the Hospice of St. Sophia in Irae. She wanders about in the gardens till Leon finds her and speaks to her.

Lassitude and Fortitude
The unorthodox manner in which Alexi Klein obtained the new Court is tantamount in the re-structure of Kindred politics amongst the Societa. Yet, these twists and turns are still to be played and even the youthfulness of the new Prince is not disregarded amongst the Elders.
'Come with Me' - Alexi Klein, Aubrey
A languid late evening turns into a fateful meeting between Alexi Klein and a young girl.
A Meeting of Firsts - Alexi Klein, Rasha
Alexi Klein visits the City of Lions to meet Rasha Moncrieffe, with an offering of power.
Coming to Camden - Bethani, Alexi Klein
Sister Bethani departs from the Church of Irae and is attacked by brigands. She manages to find her way to the town of Camden where she meets Alexi Klein and Father Lucio.
The Loss of Harlin Ridge - Bethani
The town which Sister Bethani was supposed to carry out her duties in was burned down and ransacked by the brigands who tried to kill her. Father Lucio hesitatingly breaks the news to her.
Conditions and Dealings - Christian, Alexi
Prior to Alexi's visit to Rasha in the City of Irae, and Christian's resignation and subsequent departure from the Theatre, the two had met one rainy evening in Camden; both with their own agendas.
Rejection - Rasha, Alexi
Alexi's offer of power is refused by Rasha in her usual, diplomatically pretty way. But the Prince is not to be foiled in capturing her from Etienne's grasp.

Etienne d’Aquitaine bears the name of Santorus upon acquiring the most magnificent and famous theatre in the City of Irae from his Sire and former lover; Marie d’Santorus. The theatre attracts some of the most talented of mortals and Kindred who flock to be part of the fame and notoriety associated with it. Within the theatre, stories evolve, together with those who weave them.
Dark Secrets are Best to be Kept - Rasha, Christian
Rasha and Christian speak upon the balcony of the Theatre about secrets.
Little is Brought to Light - Rasha, Christian
Christian von Karlach, battered into submission, is kept in the Theatre by order of the former Prince. He meets Rasha Moncrieffe and gets to know her better.
A Seeker of Employment - Etienne, Amelie
Amelie d'Aubigne meets the Lord of the Theatre, Etienne d'Aquitaine, requesting to be employed.
Loyalties - Rasha, Etienne
Etienne meets Rasha Moncreiffe for the first time after his torpor. He asks her of her loyalties.
Artists amongst themselves
Rasha introduces Salome to Emberlyna, all three are looking forward to an entertaining evening. Viktoria Nordstorm's entrance and "performance" most certainly ensures that the evening does not become boring.
The Arrival
The trio "Musica della Notte" arrives in the City of Lions. While Dominique does what she likes best, mingle with men and Sander seeking the audience of the Prince, Salome makes the acquaintance of the actress Rasha.
Failure - Lucien, Emberlyna
Lucien Fontaine wallows in self-pity and poor wine, and falls asleep before telling his story to a newcomer to the City.
A Snake in the Roses - Etienne, Rasha, Lucien
Etienne makes good his promise regarding getting to know Rasha better. But the evening's dinner had another guest.
A Song in the Night
The troupe “Musica Della Notte” is wrapping up their tour in Paris. After a lavish ball, Dominique and Sander return to their room to relax. When Sander realizes Salome’s absence he searches for her and the child vampire’s ever present predicament is being brought to light.
The Christmas Tree - Rasha, Etienne, Emberlyna
The scent of Christmas is early in the Theatre d'Santorus; a dainty pine tree is already placed in the boudoir and becomes a conversation piece for three.
Desire; So Deep - Raoul, Viviette
The Renard twins arrive from eastern Carpathia to the City of Irae; settling into their apple orchard-surrounded mansion right outside the city walls. Viviette is unable to find her hairbrush and seems to dislike her new home; while her twin brother Raoul contemplates about their mission there.
Advice and a Gift - Etienne, Sander
Sander van der Meer is finally granted audience with Etienne d'Aquitaine. Small talk soon turns into something more conflicting then what Sander would find comfort in.
Silent Desperation - Christian, Rasha
Christian von Karlach returns from Este, the little town on the outskirts to the Theatre d'Santorus, after fulfilling a promise of duty to Alexi Klein in Camden. The first evening on his arrival, to his pleasure and dismay, Rasha is there.
The Art of Chess
Foolishly thinking that he had what it takes to converse with Christian von Karlach, Sander van der Meer is being tought a valuable lesson.
The Truth Hides in the Shadows - Christian, Salome
An unexpected meeting takes place in the Hanging Gardens above the theatre. Though previously unknown to one another in person, both seem to know more then each is willing to let out.

The story of Anique d’Estelle in her quest to regain the lost honor of her family and her enigmatical relationship with Christian von Karlach, her former employer in the City of Irae, and eccentric bibliophile.

Forthnow hence…
Coveted - Anique, Christian
Continuing on their carriage ride, Anique and Christian's discussion of acquiring a valued possession is held before being startlingly interrupted.
Theater Theatrics - Anique, Christian
Given the easy excuse of being a newly appointed attendant to Christian von Karlach, Anique is awarded with his presence. The game however, is quickly changed when he puts an end to her polite effort at small talk.
Elderly Concern - Anique
Again, asking questions regarding the whereabouts of her brother, Anique is bordering on becoming a nuisance. An elderly man, claiming to know Anique from a previous time, overlooks a few important details to provide the young woman with information he’s not even aware of.
Glimpse of an Imaginary Past - Anique
After a uneventful year, Anique returns to the City of Lions, her mind burdened with a single, ambitious goal.

A Year Ago…
A Promise - Anique, Christian
After fleeing his company, Christian finds Anique once again in the church and promises to remain a gentleman if she returns to work at his shop.
'You Should Fear Me' - Anique, Christian
Tending to her business at work, Anique presses farther than she should which prompts Christian to correct her error in judgement.
The New Scribe - Anique, Christian
Deciding to accept the offer, Anique arrives at the Visions of Clarity to give von Karlach her decision.
A Most Opportune Proposition - Anique, Christian
The D’Estelle family have always remained devout Catholics and a chance arrises to visit the large Cathedral for midnight mass. Taking a break from her own distracted thoughts as Christian is seen in one of the pews, she is given a job opportunity that tugs at her very wishes.
Are You Afraid of the Dark? II - Anique, Christian
Making a point of ensuring Lord von Karlach’s order arrives as it should, Anique takes it upon herself to deliver his order. Here, her penchant for stories leads her down a path she is not ready to be aware of.
Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Anique, Christian
Working late into the evening at her brothers bookshop, Anique D’Estelle makes the acquaintance of a very strange man who wishes to acquire a few rare books for his own shop in Irae.

A Decade Forehence
Incognito - Katherina, Alexi Reznikoff
Katherina wrestles with a choice that was not hers and forcefully implemented by the Father himself.
Denial - Katherina, Alexi Reznikoff
Attacked by the renegade coterie that haunted the church in Este, Katherina succumbs almost to death but yet, Father Alexi found a reason not to let her die.
Finality among One's Brethen - Katherina, Alexi Reznikoff
The renegade coterie steps out to meet Father Alexi and the templar Katherina Sforza. However, the latter finds herself lacking in strength to deal with this group of supernaturals.
The First Meeting - Katherina, Alexi Reznikoff

Beyond Memories
A Comforting Masquerade - Augustine, Isabella
A Shattered Castle on a Hill - Augustine, Isabella

Roleplay Notes

Father Matrimonio - Durante
Return - Leon
Cognizance - Leon
A Letter to Rasha - Etienne
The Hospice of St. Sophia - Leon
The Forbidden Fruit - Salome
A New Haven and Friend - Viktoria
The Twins' Arrival - Raoul
Curiosity might keep a cat alive - Salome
A gift ought to be shared - Salome
A Secret Disclosed - Matthieu
News You Can Use - Felicitas, Benoit

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