The Agreement

The Altar
A stone altar dominates the clearing, its length just longer than a
tall man. A single slab of stone, the surface is clean at the top,
dark mosses climbing slowly from the base, finding some source of
nutrients to sustain them. A shallow groove running the length of
the stone appears to be the only carven part, the rest the work
of nature, rather than man. An odd quiet pervades the clearing.
Exits: west
(Hide) Shadia Del'drae-Umbramnia, Fully emerged Butterfly [OOC] is hovering here.

Doyle stands in the center of the cave, body shivering uncontrolled, he pulls his hood down further on his head as he waits anxiously for Shadia to arrive.

Shadia walks through the forest, her feet sloshing through damp terrain. Her hair clings to her face as a soft wind plays across the trees. She enters the cave quietly, but instantly she knows she is not alone. She whispers into the darkness as to greet the known stranger, "Well met..Doyle."

Doyle coughs loudly as he struggles to keep himself from collapsing from his fever, "I met with council yesterday.." he mutters, not able to speak any louder.

The rain's intensity breaks.

Shadia moves closer towards Doyle, her eyes land onto his face, studying it for any hidden clues, any what-so-ever. A mask of void is what he gives, finally she asks, "And?"

Waves of wind wash through the tall grass like an ocean.

Doyle turns his head to the side and spits a clod of blood to the ground, he leans closer to Shadia so she can hear his voice well, "Your request for an alliance.. is accepted.." he utters softly.

The sky begins to break through the clouds.

Shadia's eyes waver slightly as she takes in what Doyle had just explained. She did not realize how much this meant to her, in so ackward way she needed this alliance as much as she needed to find herself. Perhaps a way to prove what she thought she lost..humanity? Shadia gives a whisper of a nod, "I am glad to hear it.."

The sky turns a reddish orange as the sun ends its journey.

Doyle grunts, he almost loses his balance and tumbles to the ground but regains himself, he stares at Shadia, "We held up our end.. now you have to hold up yours…" he murmurs.

The moon's gentle glow diffuses through the night sky.

Shadia turns away from Doyle, her head tilted at the floor as she walks over to the rock she sat upon before, "Aye. I did.. and I will. My ignorance nor any other's will ruin this alliance and this road for your people.. not this time."

Doyle stares at Shadia, "Just cure us…" he mutters.

Shadia lands against the rock, the stone cold to the touch. Refreshing all the more. She diggs already dirtied nails into the stone, bring dusk and more to land at her feet, "In not more than a fortnight you will receive the cure. I will deliver it…myself personally. To advoid confusion."

The sky is getting cloudy.

Doyle barely utters the word, "…fine…" he turns and shakily walks out of the cave toward the south muttering under his breat as he adjusts his hood.

It starts to rain.

Shadia looks from her rock out of the cave, watching Doyle's frame disappear into the sunlight. She gathers herself and walks out of the cave as well, knowing surely that this will not be the last time she will see it…soon enough.

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