The Amulet

A Comfortable Lounge
Along the far wall, there is a bright fire burning in a stone fireplace. A soft golden light radiates outward from the fire and it shows the faint reliefs upon the walls. Comfortable, overstuffed gray-blue sofas made of a velvet material are placed against two of the walls, and in a corner is a maple bookcase filled with an assortment of leather-bound volumes. Glancing over the various book
titles reveal many different works by human philosophers throughout history. This lounge is a favorite place for the keep's inhabitants to come and discuss the various going ons of the human nation.
Exits: east

Doyle walks in casually, with an exhausted stride he walks to one of the chairs in the middle of the room, he opens up his hand and lets the amulet drop to the table before him, then sits recklessly down in the chair.

Doyle sighs as he slowly pulls back the hood covering his face revealing his ghost white pale sickened face caused by the nothern plague, he takes his right hand and slowly caresses his cold, corpse like cheek, feeling every detail of the lifeless face. He stops, then crosses his arms as he stares at the amulet, as if it were going to move.

Doyle stands back up and walks to the book shelf, he takes his index finger and slowly runs it from one book to the other, he slowly analyzes each book, then he pulls a few select books out and carrys them to the table and sets them down to the amulet. He then sits back down and leans forward to grab one of the four books he picked out.

Doyle sits deep into the chair as he opens the book and slowly, methodically turns each page, scanning for every detail he can find.

Doyle thinks to himself, "Maybe Varrick was right, maybe I was wrong about this amulet…" he continues to turn the pages, he stops as he finds the page he needs, "Hmm this is the page that I read before.." he reads the page aloud, "Long ago a powerful deity obssessed by power, made a powerful magical item… people confronted the deity and took it from him… hid it… the item is a round shape, gold backing with markings of the deity and his power… ruby and emerald inlaid in the center…"

Doyle pushes the book away and holds up the amulet, "This sounds like a perfect match… he looks back down at the book, "Doesn't say how the stones are shaped in the middle though…"

Doyle puts the amulet down and slides another book forward and starts to turn the pages quickly his eyes flicker back and forth as he scans the pages.

Doyle stops suddenly, his eyes glued to one of the pages.. he studies the page as he reads it aloud, "The god of neutrality long ago, made an item with great powers, he made it for the true of mind and body, clarity of the soul to protect them, for what he thought to be used by one of his followers… nobody was able to use it… he hid it away… hoping one day someone would find it and be able to use it…" he thinks to himself "interesting.."

Doyle continues to read from the page, "The item was made to represent the balance, it has a gold backing to it, with nothing around its edges.. in the middle are ruby and emerald stones, shaped into a yin yang…" he looks back at the amulet, then back at the words again and again…

Doyle picks up the amulet and lets it dangle down from its chain, "This must be it… Maybe I will hang onto this.. just in case.." He slides the amulet over his head around to his neck.

Doyle closes the books and sits back in the chair with his arms resting sullenly on the arm rests of the chair, "I Don't know what varrick is up to.. his idea sickens me… but we need this history.. I'll play his games, for now.."

Doyle stands up, he collects the books, and walks them over to the shelf and finds there resting spots.. he pulls his hood over his head, and heads toward the door.

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