The Arrival

Rasha was reclining in the lobby of the theatre. The last show has been over for a good hour and she was still holding a rose in her hand, the tender blossom was pressed to her nose and her mind was lost in thought. She wonders where Christian is but dares not search for him. She has the lovely offer from Alexi to consider but she can't seem to take him seriously. Then there was Etienne. He wielded his hold over her like a flaming sword. Tempting as he was, she dared not to touch. With a sigh, she lowers the rose and glances around the lobby. The theatre was nearly empty now.

The night was overcast with heavy clouds, shrouding the moon with a translucent veil. The little light didn't matter to the new arrivals to the City of Lions. Quite the opposite, for the troupe that just arrived in Irae very much preferred the night. A tiny gloved hand extends from the interior of the posh looking coach and is promptly held on to by the driver who jumped down his seat as soon as the horses came to a halt. Following the gloved hand is the figure of a young child dressed in a crimson cape, glancing up the wall of the theatre. "Signora di Montalia, welcome to the city of Irae," the driver whispers and quickly runs around the coach to help yet another female out. The child ignores the welcoming words and turns around to face the dark interior. "Sander, is this the theatre we are supposed to be performing at?" she asks. "Yes, Salome. It is," a deep baritone voice replies from within. "Is it not a stunning piece of architecture?" the voice grows louder as a tall man, dressed in a sharp pinstripe suit steps out. "Oh yes, marvelous" the girl says without any interest. She had seen many "stunning" buildings and wasn't easily impressed. "Let's just get inside, shall we?" Salome lifts the heavy skirt of her gown and proceeds toward the door without waiting on her companions. "She's so impatient, Sander," the sultry voice of the third in the group whispers. A blond woman now stood next to Sander, hooking her arm into his. "I believe we will have fun here," she states with a wide smile and pulls Sander inside of the theatre.

There came the sound of the carriage out front. Nothing unusual. She barely makes note of it. The rose still dangles now from her fingers as the doors open and she turns to look back through the lobby. It was a miserable night and chilly outside, not that she ever noticed the cold. Her long strawberry blonde hair hangs in silken waves over one shoulder, splashing with a vivid contrast against the pale blue silk gown she was wearing. She was curious about the new arrival; it had been after all, a very quiet evening.

"A child, such as you, shouldn't be in an establishment like this at such a late hour of night," the sharp voice of a gray haired gentleman says as soon as Salome steps into the lobby. The child opens the front of her cape and lets it ever so slowly drift from her shoulders, revealing a lavish evening gown of emerald. Her red locks fall to the side as she cocks her head to the left. With the voice of a child she coldly says 'A man, such as old as you, should not be concerned about matters that do not pertain to his life." With that she sweeps her skirt to the side and passes the man who started to give her a piece of his mind but stops when the child turns her head to look at him. "I wouldn't, if I were you," is all she says. "Ahh, my apologies," the booming voice of Sander sounds as he steps between the two. "My daughter had a long night; please do not hold it against her." A charming smile is accompanied with the apology. The old man just nods, confused, and heads outside with quick strides. "You ought to hold your tongue," Sander says to Salome. His smile hasn't moved an inch but his voice grew colder. Dominique, the woman at Sanders side, chuckles before stepping away. "Excuse me but I will go and mingle a bit." She waves a gloved hand and disappears in a group of young men. "And you ought to take better care of your pet," she snaps back and nods her head in Dominique’s direction.

A smile plays at the edges of her red lips, the rose still in her hand, dangling lazily over the edge of the chair she was sitting in. The girl’s attitude was rather amusing, even though it was frightful, especially to her companions. She instantly likes and hates the child. She had room for both emotions. The man though, he seems…pliable. As for the other woman, she was barely concerned. She sits idly, watching the display, wondering what the impertinent child would do next.

Sander just shrugs his shoulders and smoothes a lose strand of raven hair against his head. "You know the etiquette, Salome. We have to introduce ourselves to the Prince, he should have been informed of our arrival but I don't take chances." He straightens his bow tie and gently puts his hand on the child's shoulder while leaning down. In a hushed voice he whispers "I will go and try to find him, behave yourself while I'm gone." He presses a kiss against her ear and strides off. The child was not happy and a pout is slowly tugging at her lips. She hated to be treated like a little girl; he knew she was no such thing. Granted, she very much acted the part right now but that didn't stop her from throwing a fit. With a heavy sigh she pulls herself together, she had to perform here at one point and turning off guests might not be the smartest thing to do. As she continues walking about the lobby, her differently colored eyes stop on a woman leisurely draped on a couch. She was pretty, very pretty and the instant ping of jealousy surges through her heart. "Good evening signora, you wouldn't know by chance what the entertainment of the night might be?" she pipes as she glides towards her and even forces a small smile.

Rasha openly watched the display of affection…on the mans part, noting the girl didnt return his favor. As she approaches and asks her question, Rasha considers her answer. "I'm afraid you have arrived a bit late for the entertainments. The next feature is tomorrow." she says, twisting the rose absently in her grasp as she looks the girl up and down.

Salome is well aware of the looks the woman gives her and defiantly raises her chin. Her adolescent body naturally couldn't compete with that of an adult but the tailor made gown was stunning enough to divert from her age, in her own mind anyway, since most people thought it inappropriate to stick a child in a shoulder-free corsage. "What a pity, I was looking forward to see what this city had to offer." A servant passes by with a silver tray on which two crystal glasses filled with a rich red liquid are arranged.. "Would either of you ladies care for refreshments?" the young boy asks. Salome doesn't answer but reaches up and takes the glass in her hand and putting it up to her mouth. She looks over the rim at the woman as she takes a ginger sip from it, running her pink tongue along her lips once finished.
"What feature might this be?" she asks while sitting down on the couch next to Rasha.

Rasha waves away the offer of refreshment and watches the young girl as she sits down. "The Black Swan, it was, the last performance." it was Christian's last play, she doesn't add aloud. "The next feature is by a new playwright, it promises to be a delight. Have you to audition?" she asks, her own part already secured. Her cold grey eyes seem to miss nothing as she studies the girl. What an interesting night it has turned out to be.

Salome thought it was time to make her introduction and shakes her head "No, I do not audition anymore," she says and carefully arranges the vast fabric of her gown around her small figure with her left hand while still playing around with the glass in her right. "My name is Salome di Montalia, I'm an opera singer. So you have not to worry about any competition coming in. Am I right to assume that you are an actress, signora?" The echo of a smirk surrounds her lips as her green and blue colored gaze rest upon Rasha. This woman had such beautiful features, it was hard not to look at her face…or reach up and touch it…memorize it…get inspired by it. Salome blinks, realizing she had drifted off in thoughts. With a chuckle she ruffles through her red locks. Tiny green gems are worked into her tresses, glimmering in the candle light that bathed the theatre in a warm glow.

Rasha smiles, a careful, practice smile. "I have not heard of you but I am sure I will if you stay here any length of time." it was the closest thing to a compliment she had ever given. "Am I an actress, you ask, yes. Rasha Moncreiffe." she offers, staying reclined in her chair. She brushes a stray lock of her strawberry hair aside and smiles. "Perhaps you will stay some time in Irae then?" she asks, though not really expecting an answer. "You are staying here in the theatre?" she ventures to ask, not sure where everyone was congregating these days.

"I have not heard of you either, signora Moncreiffe. Nevertheless, it's a delight to make your acquaintance," she says sweetly. Salome's features do not change but she inwardly was a tad offended that the woman had not heard of her. "Yes, I will stay in Irae for a while. If it is agreed upon, I will be performing in this…"she pauses and looks around "…marvelous theatre. My father is currently seeking an audience with the owner, perhaps rooms will be offered as well. If not, I am sure we'll find a suitable stay in the Inn." Of course she hoped to stay here for the Inn didn't really stand up to her standards, she also believed that the theatre acted as an Elysium but wasn't sure. Sander would provide her with more answers later. He always did.

Rasha was not offended that she was unknown to the girl. She performed only in this theatre and always had. There was no reason for the girl to have heard of her. "I wish you the best of luck bella. I am sure you find this place…interesting. There is much to do." she says, sighing and pressing the rose to her nose, inhaling the fragrance of the bloom deeply.

Salome has to bite her tongue in order not to say something. "Bella?" The child was sure Rasha would have not referred to a grown woman as "Bella". Sanders words come to mind and she decides to behave and forces a sweet, child-like, smile. "I thank you kindly but luck is not something I will need." Salome rises to her feet and glances at Rasha without having to look up. "I will go and try to find my father now, I am certain he is already looking for me. To see you perform will be a delight that I very much look forward to." She dips into a very light curtsey and her small figure quickly disappears into the crowd.

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