The Check Up

A Forested Path
You travel through a small forest along a path leading to Castle Darkhawk, home of Duke Luther and the soldiers of Darkhaven. The path becomes a hill to the east, while the southwestern path leads back to the Darkhaven Square.
Exits: north east southwest

Doyle walks steadily down the path leading out of town, heading back towards the keep.

Varrick slowly travels the road, heading towards Doyle, in a deep redish mist… it seems to move quicker than though, before one can reallise it, the mist seems to be taking a humanoid form in front of doyle.. but not yet manifesting.

The snow flurries are gradually replaced by pockets of rain.

Doyle stops sharply as he sees the mist in front of him, instictivly putting one hand on his sheathed hilt as he glares at the mist, "Show yourself." he says sternly.

Varrick reveals himself as the myst dissapates, leaving his body in front of doyle, the myst evaporating as if he was thousands of degree's hot… his normal aura of fear surrounding him, but its one Doyle is used to… Once again his crown of bones on his head, his armor seeming to absorb all life and heat. He grins, revealing his fangs wich seem to enhance the coldness and power in his undead eyes.

The driving rain begins to freeze.

Doyle glares into Varrick's eyes as he continues to keep one hand firmly on the hilt of his sword, "What do you want?" he says in a low sharpe voice.

Varrick grins and speaks in his demonic yet playfull voice "Doyle, Doyle, Doyle… King of the Humans… Yet without an armed escort. How amusing…"

Gildeth looks at Doyle and then toward Varrick turning to Doyle he folds his arms and flicks his head in Varricks direction "Is this fool bothering you?"

Doyle remains unmoving as he speaks, "I do not need an escort… I am quite capable of taking care of myself, now, what do you want?"

Varrick smiles towards Gildeth "Good evening Fallen Knight" then turns towards Doyle "I come to remind you of my offer"

Gildeth raises a thin brow toward Varrick his face emotionless "I am far from fallen Varrick…now why dont you get down on your belly and crawl back into whatever sewer you dragged yourself out from."

Doyle eyes Gildeth for a second before returning his gaze onto Varrick, "I am working on it."

Varrick smiles towards Gildeth "My my, It seems that in your fall you forgot your manners" then turns again to face Doyle "I see. And what is taking so long Oh Mighty King" he say's it in a condescending tone.

Gildeth frowns toward Varrick "If you knew anything about me fool you would know that i am no fallen Knight." he turns to Doyle "And might i offer my advice from experiance King Doyle, whatever deal he is trying to make with you i surgest you forget about it he can not be trusted."

Doyle takes his hand off of his sword and crosses his arms, still eyeing Varrick suspiciously, "Well its not that easy when everyone either hates you or does not like the idea of getting fed off of.. or both.." he explains.

It starts to rain.

Varrick chuckles at Gildeth "So sayeth one who served as a commander in my army, how ironic that you proudly say that anyone who has is fallen"

Varrick smiles towards Doyle "Interresting, are you saying its something the /Mighty/ King Doyle cant handle?"

Gildeth frowns toward Doyle "Might i ask what this deal is?" he turns to Varrick and waves him away "That trick you played on me was commited an age ago, i spent years tracking you down but you have had so much practice in running not even I could catch you, I am done with you and so is this realm so be gone."

Varrick grins at Gildeth "Practice makes Perfect, And you are only mortal, What did you expect ?"

Gildeth says to Varrick, 'I have redeemed my actions ten fold since you ran'

Gildeth turns and ignores Varrick looking toward Doyle "Might i ask what this deal is you are speaking of?"

Varrick grins "Maybee you have redeemed yourself.. But the world still remembers your fall Dark Knight Gildeth, Commander of the Imperial Guard" said as he mockingly salutes.

Doyle glances at Gildeth, he turns his attention back to Varrick, "I can do it, however much i disdain the thought, but it will be done.." he says in his normal stern voice.

The rainstorm tapers off.

Gildeth's eyes grow dark as that titles is mentioned speaking to Varrick with his back still turned he speaks in a proud loud tone "I am Gildeth Calon Dracos, Commander of the Knights of the Sun and Megiltura of the Elven Military, you have no sway here Nadorhuan."

Varrick smiles to Doyle "Excellent. I will be arround when you succeed" then turns to Gildeth "Is that a hint of hope in your voice Dark Knight ? Do you /truly/ believe the world accepts you fully without even doubting for a moment… what you where"

Trumpets blare throughout Darkhaven, proclaiming a changing of the guard.

Gildeth raises a thin brow toward Varrick as he spins around "You are so ignorant to believe the world thinks the same of me as they do of you, I have so many people that trust my actions it has been so long since any evil has touched my hands and it will be my death before it does once more."

The rain stops.

Varrick chuckles "I intended no less of you Dark Knight."

Gildeth chuckles and shakes his head "Call me what you like Varrick but it wont change the fact that when i draw this sword" he pats his sword belt "The holy light of Z'hyal shines that only a pure soul may wield."

Mbwana arrives from the north, dark circles about his eyes, his beard scraggly. It appears he has gone daft. 'Hello, hello, the day surely passes slow.'

Gildeth smirks his eyes squinting "And if you were to set eyes on this light you would feel such pain."

Varrick chuckes "Yes Yes, I heard the same a long time ago.

Gildeth raises a thin brow "I dont think so i am the only wielder of this sword no one else bares it, i dont think you have been given that threat."

Varrick turns towards the voice "Well well, If it isnt the rebirthing ambassador of the dwarves"

Varrick grins evily "Oh sorry.. I forgot.. when I murdered you and your family… you lost that title and where rebirthed as a… dwarf.. the ultimate punishement"

Doyle, after a long pause utters a sentance under his breath, "..Fine… Now if you will excuse me." he uncrosses his arms and continues down his origonal path toward the city.

Gildeth turns to Doyle ignoring the wit less banter of the old Gith stopping Doyle he shouts "Please stop."

Mbwana wonders 'My family was killed? Then I suppose the dead converse with me at will?'

Varrick chuckles "Yes Yes, Your god found my actions.. undeserving.. and granted them life again.. A shame really."

Doyle slowly comes to a halt as he is shouted at, he turns slowly and looks to the Elf, "What is it?" he says distractedly.

The rain's intensity breaks.

Mbwana squints and looks at a tree, "Then I suppose luck has my side, either that or you surely lied."

Mbwana sighs, "For I have never seen them die."

Gildeth asks Doyle, 'Please tell me of this deal you cut with Varrick?'

Varrick smiles "Of course you dont, you where busy … under a rock if I remember correctly.. the one that was supposed to crush the Thane …"

Doyle shakes his head slowly, "It is buisness… I will not digress on Human political matters…" he says as he eyes the elf, almost untrustingly.

Mbwana peers intently about the area, looking for thieves no doubt.

Gildeth frowns in a pleading manner toward Doyle outstretching his finger to Varrick "This man can not be trusted, he is a killer and a thief he will stab you in the back the first chance he gets!"

Gildeth says to you, 'Heed my warning King Dunedain he is not worthy of dealing with you'

Mbwana raises a dubious eyebrow, "I know no Thane. I no longer live in Dwarven domain, I've pursued a life more mundane, for the life in the reach had made me insane."

Doyle puts his hands on his hips, shifting his wieght as he stands, he glances to Varrick for a moment, "I do not trust him anymore than I trust anyone else, I would rather not deal with him, but I must for the betterment of my kin." he explains.

Varrick smiles "Yes.. the thieware dozen.. I remember that.. I heard a report a young orc warlord has slayed you.. guess he was wrong"

Gildeth frowns and folds his arms "If this is business let me cut into this deal whatever he is offering you i shall offer double and my reputations stands over his."

Doyle eyes the ignorant elf for a moment before responding, "What he has, no one else can give me. This is the only reason I give any time to him."

Varrick smiles and just observes.

Gildeth shakes his head toward Doyle "Then you send your own reputation to hell for even talking to him, you have heard my warning and you know who i am if you heed it or not that is up to you."

Mbwana eyes Varrick dubiously, "Theiwar Dozen? Ring a bell, it doesn't. Perhaps you've mistaken me for a cousin."

Mbwana's eyes scatter here and there, he picks up a pine cone from the ground and begins to nibble on it.

Doyle looks away as he ponders, then looks slowly back to Gildeth, "My reputaion means nothing, if i can bring the humans together and unite them again." he explains.

Gildeth says to Doyle, 'You will never be able to do that with him at your back'

Gildeth says to Doyle, 'the humans will gain reputation for darkness over your shady dealings'

Doyle says to Gildeth, 'I only need one thing from him, after i have it he will be no where near the humans.'

Gildeth chuckles at your joke.

Gildeth says to you, 'You of all people should know its not as simple as that'

Varrick observes Mbwana amused, wondering if he got another rock dropped on him, but observes him.

Gildeth says to Doyle, 'He will claim what is his after you have taken what you want and you will not like his chosen prize'

Doyle says to Gildeth, 'Of course, but he could shadow over me whether I accept his deals or not.'

Gildeth says to Doyle, 'If he did such you could cut him down with every right but after such a deal or bond is made there is no turning back'

Mbwana blows this popsicle stand.

Doyle says to Gildeth, 'I will bring my people together, once we are we will be stronger than ever and I will take care of this manipulating twisted creature..'

Gildeth shakes his head "If you will not listen to my experianced dealings with the beast then there is nothing i can do, the human nation will fall under hard times with him."

Varrick just chuckles.

Doyle crosses his arms, "We are already under hard times." he answers.

Gildeth moves to walk down the road past Doyle "And yet you choose his help over mine, personally I dont see how he can give you anything worth having."

Doyle looks back and says sharply, "You nor anyone else can give me what I need."

Varrick smiles and continues watching.

Gildeth shrugs "So be it."

The rain's intensity breaks.

Varrick slowly turns to mist, as he slowly dissipates.

Gildeth bows toward the warrior king a look of lost respect in his eyes "Namaarie."

Gildeth leaves north.

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