The Creation - Zoe, Lulu and Evangeline

A lone figure stands in the clearing, a howl in the distance standing no
consequence to her stillness. The sorceress extends a hand, letting forth a
a finger. A tiny light flashes at the edge of the clearing, followed by
another, and more after that, the moon no longer the sole source of light in
this sanctuary from the reaches of the surrounding dark. Moments pass, her
finger never betraying her calm, caught not in even a twitch. One of the lights, its shine brighter than the rest, though unseen by the mortal eye, slowly makes a wayward path towards the girl, finding its rest upon the source of her call. Immediately, without hesitation she clenches a fist in her free hand, the tiny being on the tip of her finger encased in a violet orb of magicks. She taps her staff on the ground, the onyx moon glowing in effulgent shades of orchid, a single beam shooting into the sky before it renders itself again to darkness.

After stepping through her window, Zoe finds herself in a beautiful garden enclosed by a white picket fence. It was definitely not grown by pure nature, flowers were planted in small circle and coordinated so that the colors would enchant everyone passing by. Birds were singing their laments high in the tree tops and bunnies hopped through the undergrowth. The human mage, had to remind herself of her duty as she felt her mind slipping and just enjoying nature's play. Clearing her throat and holding up one palm, Zoe closes her eyes and focuses on the firefly she saw from outside her magical window. She turns very slowly to ensure that no inch of the garden stays undetected and just as she is about to return to her previous stance, a small surge runs through her body. Her eyes fly open and she very delicately moves in the direction where the energy had been calling her from and kneels to the ground. There, upon a cluster of lilac's rested a firefly, her wings gleaming in the descending sun light. Hair of the finest silk touches Zoe's features as she leans down to inspect the insect. Her eyebrows furrow, something wasn't right. While she could feel the energy emanating from her, it was not what she was looking for. With a disappointed sigh, she gathers her skirt and stands up shielding her grey eyes from the sunbeam. Suddenly, a violet flash crosses the sky. It does not disturb the animals around her as it is just meant for her own eyes. Lulu was calling. Zoe quickly moves her fingers and creates a window to her human friend. She steps into a moonlit clearing, leaving the sunset behind.

A slight nod betrays Lulu's otherwise gloomy expression. "I believe this is
the one." She releases the firefly enraptured within the orb and it moves to
hover between them. She takes a deep breath, as well as a bustier allows,
anyway, and makes a few steps towards Zoe. "I assume your travels
proved fruitless? Relying on my luck would have us performing this
at least twice more." Her voice trails off as she raises her eyes to Zoe.

Zoe nods her head in agreement, the tips of her bangs swaying ever so lightly. "Yes, my travels have not brought me the satisfaction I was hoping to find," she says, the disappointment seeping through her voice. Raising her hand, she gently moves her palm underneath the orb without touching it. "The energy within is strong, I can feel it throughout my very being." Dropping her hand to the side, she steps back and folds her arms. "Do tell me one thing, my dear Lulu. How come you are in possession of such a priceless being while not even looking for it? I recall you saying that you were not seeking it out. It is somewhat curious, no?" she asks sarcastically.

"Boredom is an emotion I know well. Take it for no more than that." A glimmer
of a grin hints at the upper corners of her mouth but travels no further.
"I shall bind the clearing. I take it you would not mind beginning your
'Infusion?' The silent challenge hangs in the air between, carrying
as little worth as intended, but standing as adversary nonetheless.
She turns, chanting and raising her staff, the sound of interlocking brick faint in the distance.

"Don't we all know about your boredom?" Zoe sighs. Here she actively and sincerely looked for the firefly and Mademoiselle Lulu stumbled upon it in her boredom. Luck still must be strong with her after all. There was no other reason. With the task at hand, Zoe pushes her thoughts away for the time being and takes on the challenge presented to her. The orb was still hovering in midair and the human mage steps right in front of it, raising her arms and cupping it in both of her hands but again, not touching it. She bows her head and closes her eyes, softly reciting the spell needed. Nothing seems to happen for the next few minutes, at least not to the mortal eyes. Magical beings would be able to see a soft light emanating from Zoe now, pulsating and growing stronger. The light slowly transforms into tendrils which slowly glide to encase the orb. A sheer film of sweat is starting to appear upon Zoe's brow as her concentration is tested to the max.

Lulu lowers her voice, sneaking back a look towards Zoe. In truth, the mage
knew that Zoe's strength fueled her own, be it through example or the
emulation of passion in her eyes, she served as counterpart to the
severe deadness in her own. It was not power she needed, but rather
the will to use it. She solidifies her enchantment and turns to calmly
watch as Zoe surrenders splinters of her own soul for the will of their Queen.

Zoe's heart feels like exploding as a tiny piece of her very soul is pulled out of her body and into the light, feeding the orb and the being within. With hands trembling and her breath staggering, the human is fighting against her mortal body screaming for rest. Tugging one more time, the task is finally completed. Shivering, Zoe wraps her arms about her lithe figure. Her usually full hair now is damp and hangs lifeless down her shoulders. "I have done my part, Lulu. It is now your turn." This procedure was not an easy task for the human, taking away parts of their own life force to create a new life.

Without hesitation, Lulu nods and steps forward. She sets her hand beneath the
hovering orb, now a curious shade of aqua. It follows her hand as she reaches
to the sky. She tilts her head back to focus her gaze upon it, floating
slightly above her fingers and closes her eyes. For the first time in a long
time she shook. Despite her now violent shaking she steadies the awkward
pose and attempts to ease the transition by any means necessary…
A trickle of blood drips down her chin as she finally breaks the
skin of her lip, biting it in a furious grasp for serenity. The moment
comes and she lets out a slight scream, the globe now radiating a brilliant
white shine, the mage tossing it into a place amidst the air away from her.
She still ceased to understand the pangs of loss for someone with
seemingly nothing left to lose. She would not be able to spare much more of herself, lest there soon be nothing left at all…

Ignoring the demands of her body to rest, Zoe straightens her shoulders and walks towards Lulu. This had taken a toll on the both of them, visibly shaken and mentally drained. The human mage gently extends her arms and reaches down for Lulu's hands. Clasping them tightly she tilts her head back, keeping a steady eye upon the orb in air. Her lips now move silently, conjuring up the orchid hidden in the folds of her dress. Like a feather, it drifts up into the air to join the orb. Zoe radiates in a crimson light, letting her magic freely flow into the moonlit clearing to finish her part of the ritual.

Begrudgingly, for physical contacts were so long beyond her, Lulu gives
up her hands. She had come beyond the point of turning back and had
no choice but to follow through. At any rate, The Queen would appreciate
their work, though it was doubtful the two would find any sort of
enjoyment in this sacrificial waltz amid the moonlight. Through
magic and soul were they bound, and she lowered her head, the
air around her illusioned with tendrils of a violet glow. For a brief
moment she clasps Zoe's hands tightly and a chime is heard in the
distant thoughts in the backs of their minds, their glows subsiding and
the clearing suddenly filled with darkness.

A blinding light bursts forth as Zoe's and Lulu's magic fuse at the same time as the orb and orchid embrace each other in an eternal dance of body and mind. The human mages are thrown apart, their physical and mental connection abruptly lost. Zoe falls to the ground, her body shaking violently from exhaustion. Her breath is shallow and she almost drifts into deep slumber, if it wasn't for the melodic voice that suddenly filled the clearing. A voice she hasn't heard before but felt strangely connected to.

In between Zoe's and Lulu's forms lay, curled up like a little child, a frail looking pixie girl. Her skin shimmered almost translucent, the wings barely moving in the light evening breeze. With a voice, so clear but merely above a whisper she speaks. "Once I wasn't but now I am, I do not understand."

Lulu waves a hand, cream coloured ribbons enveloping the pixie's bare form in
some sense of modesty. "You are a being of magic and power. Your life is your
own though your allegiance belongs to your creators. Cherish your
magic well for without it you again shall be naught. Even now, thoughts
and feelings should be budding within you that you have not known before.
Sorrow, curiosity, joy.." It took everything she had not to scoff. "We have granted these to you without regret. Please do not let our sacrifices be in vain." She was cryptic on purpose. She was emerald in her jealousy, hard and cold. The process had drained her, bitten her to the core, a core she already felt so withered and fragile. And as some sort of cruel punishment she was to bring forth all that which she lacked: This perfect life of unworn troubles would never be hers.
She looks to Zoe, her eyes glazing over. "I am gone." She collects herself
quickly, stepping through her void in an instant, never one to linger
in those places of the light that made the shadows so much clearer.

Zoe silently listens to Lulu's words. She should not be surprised by the lack of warmth coming from her but it got to her nevertheless. Yes, she was tired herself and yes creating this little being drained yet another part of herself but she could not fault the pixie for it. Zoe gets to her feet, brushing off twigs and leaves. Gently she kneels down by the pixie girl and delicately caresses her cheek with the top part of her hand. "Do not be afraid, little one. Everything will become clear, when time sees it fit. Come now, child. It is dark and cold and we have to get you to a safe place to rest." Zoe stands straight and looks down. "You will need a name," she pauses for a moment then her tired features lighten up. "You shall be known as Evangeline."

The sounds and sights were still overwhelming for the newly created pixie and Lulu's words fade in and out. It was difficult to comprehend the meaning in the words spoken to her. A soft voice then entered her conscious and instinctively, she yearns to move closer. Still weak on her legs, the pixie girl truly unfolds her amber wings and hovers above the ground. She didn't know who that woman was but she felt safe in her presence and she gave her a name. She was Evangeline.

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