The Deal

(Kuah sits in his chambers at T'Man and has an unexpected visitor…)

Grishnakh materializes suddenly.
Grishnakh bows deeply.
Kuah bows deeply.
Grishnakh says 'Lord Kuah… I hear you are looking for a way to bring the
Half-Troll nation to a level of great prominence?'
Kuah nods solemnly.
Kuah says 'I have an empty council now.'
Kuah says 'I blame it on the war we lost with the elves.'
Grishnakh nods solemnly.
Grishnakh says 'so you have no love for the elves?'
Kuah says 'That much is true.'
Grishnakh says 'This might work out well then…'
Kuah grins a slow evil grin.
Grishnakh paces around the room, "You see, tomorrow night there is a feast
Kuah says 'I have seen the… postings of this feast.'
Grishnakh says 'I fear that I may have to do something… rather rash during
this feast… and may be in need of some… protection'
Kuah says 'But you are of… godhood? What protection could I give?'
Grishnakh says 'well, there will be many mortals present, and I don't want
things to get too out of hand'
Grishnakh says 'how many of your bretheren do you think you might be able
to muster to be on hand if I need your assistance?'
Kuah says 'The numbers are small.'
Kuah says 'I have stood as an army of one many times.'
Grishnakh nods solemnly.
Kuah says 'I can not say that I will be able to gather many.'
Grishnakh says 'numbers are what I might require… I may be able to bolster your ranks'
Kuah nods solemnly.
Grishnakh says 'will you be around tomorrow evening?'
Kuah says 'I am guessing you mean with other… races?'
Grishnakh says 'perhaps with other races… perhaps with more of your own race'
Kuah nods solemnly.
Kuah says 'I was planning on attendting the.. feast.'
Kuah says 'Might I ask what is the plan and.. if I may be so bold.. the reason?'
Grishnakh says 'I don't want to give too much away at this point… but I assure you…
this will help to bolster the standing of the half-troll nation'
Kuah nods solemnly.
Kuah says 'Then I shall not question.'
Grishnakh says 'I appreciate your help Lord Kuah… and if all goes well, we shall talk
again after the… incident'
Kuah nods solemnly.
Kuah says 'I shall gather what Olog'hai I can for waiting.'
Grishnakh says 'and I trust you will keep this knowledge secret?'
Kuah nods solemnly.
Kuah sighs.
Kuah says 'The halls are silent as it is…'
Grishnakh bows before you.
Grishnakh winks out of existance.

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