The Elohai

National Visions
The path from the south widens and leads you into a large, open clearing in the forest. The grass blows softly in the wind as you admire the tranquility of your environment. A large oak tree juts forth from the ground before you, and you notice that it has been remarkably crafted to serve the purpose of a note board. Parchments of all sizes hang from the tree, each exhibiting a definite style of writing from a great variety of races… from the elegant script of the Elves to the harsh scrawl of the Orcs. This board is used by all of the members of each Nation to plan adventures, communicate with other Nations or to tell tales. The path before you heads towards a large cave. There is a large sign nailed to a tree that proclaims:
Please do not speak above a whisper here.
Exits: north south
An oaken board is here, displaying the handwriting of a multitude of races.
(Hide) (Translucent) Rebeca Umbramnia-de Carpathia {RH-Owner/MEF-T/RS-2nd} is hovering here.

The sun rises in the east.

A droplet of rain falls to the ground.

This half-elf before you has long auburn hair flowing freely down to her waist except for a small braid on the left side of her face. Her blue eyes are sparkling with an interesting mixture of wisdom and innocence. Her body is not quite skinny and the skin, where visible, is smooth and white, nearly an opalescent shade. Her overall appearance is rather an average of prettiness although she is by no means ugly. Rebeca looks to be about 5'3", and looks to be around 145 pounds. She wears her long auburn hair straight. Her blue eyes match softly with her white skin.

Doyle stands in the center of the clearing watching the fire with arms crossed, his eyes slowly move about the fires length as he thinks while waiting for this meeting he was called to attend.

It starts to rain.

Rebeca enters the clearing, scanning around and noting only one person within besides herself.

Doyle stands still watching the fire, back turned to the entry, "So.. why did you want to meet with me?" he asks.

Rain patters to the dirt.

Rebeca steps a little closer, hands clasped nervously before her, "I wish to know the leader of the humans and how he thinks about the Elohai."

Doyle nods slowly, "First time i have heard an elf not refer to us as dunedain, i like that.." he says sternly, "The humans have never had much contact with the half elves.. not even recently, we do not have any problems with you." he explains in his stern voice.

Rebeca looks to the ground then boldy steps up beside the fire, 'I do not wish to insult you, so I am trying to only speak common tongue. I wish only a pleasant meeting and parting.'

Doyle shrugs slightly, "I would not be insulted… i am curious though.. what do you hope to gain from this meeting?" he inquires.

Rebeca lets her hands drop to her sides, "I wish to start leadership of my nation without strife with other races, so I am attempting to befriend the other leaders in hopes that it will go well with my nation."

Doyle nods slowly, "I see.. well this may not be such a pleasant meeting after all, i had one alterior motive for being here…"

Rebeca raises a delicate eyebrow, "And what was that, sir?"

Doyle looks up above the fire off into the distance, still arms crossed, "You see, the humans are scattered, we have no bond.. I am trying to mend this bond by finding our history, which we lost, we have no record of it anymore… but if we did, it would mean the unity of my kin." he explains.

Rebeca smiles a little, "And what did you hope to gain from me and this meeting in regards to your desire for history?"

A cold rain beats down as the snow begins to melt.

Doyle remains silent for a moment, then speaks, "Have you ever heard of a man.." he looks over to Rebeca, "Named Varrick?"

Rebeca's smile fails and she thinks for a moment in silence before a tiny frown comes to her lips, "I am sorry but that name does not seem familiar to me."

Doyle turns to face Rebeca as he explains, "You see varrick, is a gith, a vampyre, he is sick and twisted, yet powerful. He knows my kins history, but he is forcing me to play 'games' as he calls them to get our history." he explains in a low toned voice.

Doyle eyes you up and down momentarily, "You see, i need four leaders.. of any of the races, including myself, to freely choose to let him feed off of them… feed enough but not kill of course…" he says grimly.

Rebeca looks suddenly startled, "That would be a lot of trust considering he may turn and kill instead. How could you be sure?"

Doyle shakes his head slightly, "He could kill any of us at any time he pleased.. if he wanted to kill i doubt he would go to the trouble of bringing us there.." he explains.

Rebeca nods and clasps her hands before her again, "Do you have others yet, or am I the first you have approached with this idea?"

Doyle shifts his weight slightly, "I have talked to one or two others.. nothing forthcoming of course.."

Rebeca stands a little straighter and tilts her head up meeting your eyes, "What will this gain my nation?"

Doyle uncrosses his arm and lifts his hand to gesture as he talks, "Of course the humans would be in your debt.. we would be willing to give you anything you need.." he offers.

Rebeca lowers her eyes only briefly before bringing them back to yours, "I will do this thing you ask, but know that if something went wrong, my nation would be furious. Mind you, this is no threat, but a friendly warning."

Doyle bows his head slightly eyes remaining on you, "Of course.." he says in a soft stern voice.

Rebeca nods once, "Very well then. I am certain you will let me know what and when will be needed."

Doyle nods slowly, "Yes of course.." he pauses, "A pleasure to meet you." he says sternly before raising a hand to gesture a goodbye to you and heads back south.

Rebeca smiles briefly in farewell, "Vanya Suile."

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