The Emergence Of A New Thane

One of the saddest moments in Dwarven Ledger is the descent of Tharakin from the throne. As he stepped out, many claimed his skills and diplomatic abilities would not be able to be recreated lest Grace herself return. Tharakin was in his right mind though. He chose Thorgrim Blazinstone, eldest son of Falin, to succede him as Thane. His beginning was rocky, as the introduction of a new Thane upset other nations leaders that had grown accostumed to Tharakin, but with the help from his wife Chalamar, and his advisors, it quickly leveled out.

The true test came a year or so later in his rule. Thorgrim, tempted by the evils of the world, had descended into greed and personal gain. It was a lone dwarf by the name of Kevyn Freehawk, backed by the nation, that pulled Thorgrim out from insanity and set him back on the throne where they wanted him.

As Thorgrim's visits were becoming almost non-existant, much like Tharakin was in his final days, pressures were being put up. He spoke with his advisors and decided the best course of action was for him to step out of the picture and allow new blood to take up the position. Throughout all this, his wife Chalamar comforted and consoled him as best she could, while keeping another shoulder for the nation to mourn the passing of another Thane on. It was decided within a week. Chalamar was to succede Thorgrim. Reluctantly, Chalamar accepted.

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