The Fall Of Arborlon

OOC: There's a bit of prelude to this, that is missing. But essentially, Vermicio declares war on all nations. Attacks the elves.

Having been sent by her Mistress to parlay with the conquering Pixie forces, Aryella returned to give their request, as strange as she may have found it. With a deep curtsey to Annale, she spoke loudly, allowing her voice to carry on the winds down to the Pixie Forces, "Vermicio, Doom Pixie King, requests admittance to the court of Lady Annale Firestorm, Tari of the Quendi."

Despite the overwhelming loss of her forces, and the short time with which it happened, Annale still appeared composed. With a simple nod of her head, she sent Aryella back to the Pixies, granting the request. She was, however, surprised at it. She was, after all, the conquered. As she waited, she took a seat at the head of the table.

Aryella hurriedly returned to the Pixie King, "Tari Annale has granted your request and waits for you in the Hall of the Elven-Kin, milord."

Vermicio nodded solemnly to the pretty elfin girl who delivered the message and followed her into the hall.

Vermicio walked casually into the hall, naked save for a silver belt and a tiny ebony dagger in its sheath at his waist. The sheath dripped with blood. Elven blood. His demeanor lacked all presence of regality or formality. He walked slowly, deliberately, grinning obscenely in Annales direction. "Tari Annale, how good it is to finally meet. Your beauty has been described to me many times, however mere words failed so profoundly. To see you is to know the light of truth. I am in awe."

Vermicio bowed as deeply as a pixie is fit to bow, his eyes never leaving the eyes of the Tari.

Annale remained seated, not at all graceful in defeat. Her chaotic eyes all but glared defiantly as sugary sweet words poored from his near-barbaric mouth. "A Doom King.. A Pixie. A surprising victory, for no one would ever suspect the pixies." There was a slight mocking tone in her voice, despite her current position, "And yet, you spout sugary words like a Pixie would. What is it that you want?"

Vermicio giggled despite himself, he had hoped to remain somewhat composed and not let his fiery nature or bestial contempt overflow into his words, but his Pixie roots compelled him beyond his will to engage in that most favorite of pastimes of the Pixie race - a giggle.

Vermicio stood from his respectful bow and strode boldly to where the Queen was sitting, standing no more than a few feet away.

Annale narrowed her eyes ever so slightly - thinking the Doom King was insulting her. She kept her gaze upon him, somewhat wary of his intentions, still silent as she waited for his demands.

He grinned and nodded, looking the Queen up and down in apparent bemusement and exhilaration. A drop of blood slipped from the sheath at his waste and he dropped his gaze to stare at it for a moment, his grin growing slightly wider as he spoke towards it, "I want, with all my black little heart, for you to be happy. Are you happy?"

Annale blinked in obvious confusion, a rare state for the elfess to be in. "You come and slaughter my people, take over my Island, conquer my Nation… and then ask for my happiness? You are gravely mistaken if you believe that I'll willingly cooperate with you and your… humor."

Vermicio's face went blank. The air about him seemed to shift from jovial irony to visible contempt and rage. His body language bespoke nothing of this, however his entire being screamed of the evil and horror within him.

"There is no humor in the things that I say. I am here to bless you with the gift of my intervention, a prize that all nations will soon come to hunger for.

"I am Vermicio, the Doom Pixie King, and I come with the blood of a ten thousand fallen foes upon my blade. If it were my will your people would vanish from this sullied earth and never be spoken of again. But I am here to save you, Annale. Save you from the weakness of your mortal being and the weakness of your people."

Vermicio's stumps made a sickening sound as they attempted to flutter themselves as though the gossamer wings he had once possessed were still attached, "I love your people. I love all the people of this realm. But they are weak. YOU, my lovely lady, are weak."

Annale began to speak, heavy tones of mockery dripping from her words, but quickly cut herself off as Vermicio continued to speak, remaining silent until he finished.

"I am here to save you from yourself so that you may find peace. I bring you peace. I bring you love."

Annale slowly stood, placing her hands firmly on the table, the only true indication that she was furious. "You call me weak? Tari of the Quendi, High Priestess of Ba'al. Your naiveté is weak. Your foolishness is weak. YOU are weak."

Vermicio giggled in such a way that seemed to make all the light in the room suddenly lose its magnificence. The temperature dropped a few degrees and the ambient sounds suddenly disappeared. The tiny Pixie was sucking, literally, the life from the room in his quietly controlled rage.

"Only one has ever called me less than himself and lived. He is a God. Are you a God, Annale? Do you tempt me because you have nothing to fear?"

Annale smirked arrogantly, betraying no fear, "My God gives me nothing to fear. If I were to die today, it would be because my God wills it. No Pixie, doomed or otherwise, will bring me to my knees in fear."

Vermicio's eyes narrowed and the light in the room grew even dimmer, the temperature dropped startlingly low and wisps of pure blackness started to seep from the Doom Pixies eyes.

Vermicio's voice carried throughout the room but his lips never moved, "Where is your God, Annale? Is he in this place? I don't feel him here. I feel only my power. The power of the Doom Pixie with none to oppose him."

Annale continued to stand defiant, wholeheartedly believing that Ba'al would protect her, despite feeling the cold seep into her bones, sending chills through her body. Even as she silently prayed for His aid, she knew that it would not come. "My God deals with that which is more important than a mere.. pixie.." She nearly spat out the words, "like you."

Vermicio's eyes continued to seep blackness into the room. The wisps began to grow longer and tendril-like, wrapping about his body and lifting him a few feet off the ground until he was eye level with the Tari

Vermicio's voice again sprang forth from seemingly nowhere as his lips continued to remain motionless, "Your God does not prevent my will for he does not dare. Ba'al fears only one, and he is before you."

Vermicio raised his arms and addressed the ceiling as his voice boomed from all angles, penetrating every inch of the hall, "HEAR ME BA'AL! THIS IS MINE! YOUR FOLLOWERS ARE MINE! YOUR PLACE IS MINE! WE KNOW YOU HEAR ME, STEP FROM THE SHADOWS AND STOP ME IF YOU DARE!"

Vermicio's booming voice subsided and the melodic giggling of the Pixie-kin filled the hall.

Vermicio returned his gaze to Annale and the tendrils reached out to her, embracing her, wrapping them both in a pocket of pure dark.

Vermicio's lips moved as he spoke in a whisper, "There is none to save you, Annale. Your immortal soul can be mine, your entire being can be mine if I so choose. You have no God, I am your God."

Annale seemed expectant, as though she were expecting Ba'al to use her as his tool for Vermicio's destruction. The chaotic fires in her eyes seem to subside, as though the source had fled. She dropped her gaze, a clear sign of resignation. Bitterly, she spoke, as if to herself, "You are no God… This is the will of Ba'al…"

Vermicio nodded approvingly and suddenly the room was completely restored. The tendrils whipped back into Vermicio's being, the temperature rose, and the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling could be heard again from the branches of the tree.

"Ba'al has not abandoned you. He simply favors me. I am more a manifestation of the evil that perpetuates his existence than has ever walked these realms. For reasons you would not comprehend he has no power over me or that which is my will, however even if he did he would not intervene. I am what your God has always wished his followers would become. But you failed him, didn't you?"

Vermicio drifted lightly back to the floor and gave his stumps a quick fluttering, "You will serve me Annale, or you will live here forever." Vermicio whipped the tiny ebony dagger out of its sheath and pointed to a small black gem inlaid at the base of the hilt.

"A gift from a God of Gods. You know what it is and why you should fear it. It is my power and the authority with which I will claim these realms as my own and bring peace to them."

Vermicio giggled softly and returned the blade to its sheath, a hissing sound seeming to emanate from it as he did.

Annale's pride couldn't let her let such a comment slide, regardless of its validity, "I failed no-one. You are merely another test of Faith." Her eyes rose to the dagger, loathing its sight, "If Ba'al, and the Gods above, wish that I serve you… " She paused, her next words foul in her mouth, "Then so be it."

Vermicio's face betrayed no signs of excitement or otherwise. He simply nodded and held out his hand, the royal signet of the Pixie Nation sparkling brightly on one finger.

Annale had to force herself to her knees, an act to which she showed only great amounts of displeasure doing. Softly, she brought her lips to the signet and brushed it lightly, whispering, "Hail, Doom King Vermicio…" silently, her thoughts finished her sentence, …for now.

Vermicio's eyes cleared of the pitch black that had consumed them, leaving two brightly shining blue eyes that bespoke a warmth and kindness that was completely out of context for this meeting. His signeted weapon hand dropped to his side and his shield hand brought itself to the crown of Annale's head.

"You have been wise today, Annale. Will your people also be wise and follow you into my embrace?"

"My people desire no more bloodshed. Enough of our kindred have been lost in this day."

Vermicio grinned a warm grin, pulling Annales chin up with a tiny finger until their eyes met, "You will tell your people that I am truly a God and you have pledged your eternal service to me. You will declare to all the realms that the mighty pointy-eared nation of the elves has pledged its undying loyalty."

Annale's face filled with loathing, her lips parting to refuse such an outlandish order, but memory of his dagger, of how Ba'al refused her aid, kept her silent.

"You will do this with a smile. You will radiate that beauty and grace that so enraptured me before it was extinguished by your realization of utter defeat. You will persuade your people that I am bestowed by the God of Gods and I am the salvation your people have so desperately needed.

"You will tell them, Tari, that it is your wish to be dominated by me. That you were given a choice, to keep your lands and your title, but seeing the might of the Doom Pixie and his benevolent design you chose to embrace him."

Vermicio's demeanor softened and he spoke with a tone so beautiful and melodic that it almost seemed like he was singing, "I told you, I bring you happiness and love, my love. I will never harm a single one of your people again as long as you serve me faithfully."

Annale shuddered, each statement from Vermicio's mouth pushing her further into disgrace. She was obviously struggling, her defiant nature screaming that she refuse, despite having already submitted. "I will have it written." She clearly hated herself for saying it, but her duty was to protect her people, at all costs.

Vermicio looked deep into Annales eyes, penetrating her very soul with his divine insight, "I see greatness in you, little queen. I will bestow just that upon you in the days to come. We will found an empire the likes of which has never been seen before.

"And you will sit at my side. As my bride.

"You will speak to the nations with your beauty and your grace and you will be my voice. From here on out none shall see the horror and darkness that you have seen in me today. Instead they will see that the most wise and magnificent of all the nations leaders has embraced Vermicio as her master and her lover. They will see in me what I see in you."

Vermicio smiled broadly, "Now tell me that you love me and you will be the bride of a God."

The loathing that had filled her eyes dissipated quickly, now filling with utter despair… Bride… to a pixie? Surely Ba'al does not desire this. "They will loath you as I do, even as they speak 'milord'. They will wait in the shadows, for that one opportunity, and it will come, to exploit your weakness. I do not love you, but I will be your bride." As if she had any other choice…

Vermicio's smile flickered away, his eyes glazed over black again, "If you fail to win me their love, Annale, I will take each and every soul of your entire nation into my dagger. I have no weaknesses to be exploited, dearest, I am the pure manifestation of a God of Gods intention. What I will, will be. I can have it however I want. I can rape it from this place, or I can use you to take it with as little bloodshed as possible. But do not tempt me, little queen, I will destroy you at a whim if ever I am displeased with you. Now tell me that you love me."

Vermicio placed his hand on the hilt of his dagger and looked expectantly at the Tari.

"If lying to you is how I may serve you faithfully, then lies will be what you hear from mouth." She layered her voice with sugary tones dripping with sarcasm, although she did not smile. "I love you Vermicio."

Vermicio's eyes were once again that beautiful shade of blue only seen in the Pixie race, "You have been wise again, Annale. Your people, if they were to ever know the truth of your sacrifice, would love you for it."

"My people will loath me as I loath you, for bringing this upon them. We have withstood rules of tyrants like Miyaki, threats of extermination from the likes of Kragash. We will persevere through your… benevolent… rule."

Vermicio breathed in deeply and closed his eyes. A horrible smell filled the air and the sounds of mashing teeth and eternal flame wafted about the hall. A tendril of pure black sprang from nothingness and at once consumed the pixie completely. When the cloud dissipated he stood nearly six feet tall.

Vermicio gestured to himself, "They will love you, Annale, because I can make anything into anything. I will make your people fat and happy, never knowing the evil that guides them."

Vermicio pulled her in tightly with one arm, placing the other arm behind her head, holding her in a sweet embrace, "Now kiss me, my love. Kiss the last lips that you will ever kiss."

Annale was hesitant, resistant even, but with far less defiance, she brought her lips to her betrothed's in a flat, dispassionate peck.

Vermicio grinned and looked searchingly about her face. He drew her in violently and kissed her passionately for a long, long moment. When he finished, he giggled and was all at once again less than two feet tall, but still hovered in the air at eye level with Annale

"You are the most beautiful mortal I have ever encountered, within and without. It pleases me that you wish to be mine and I promise that I will spend the rest of my days fulfilling your every desire. But never forget, little queen, that your soul is mine until I release it. You will never see the light of eternity should you ever displease me."

Vermicio giggled and wafted softly to the floor. He turned and began to walk casually from the hall, but stopped at the entrance and turned, beckoning to Annale to follow him, "Come, little queen, it is time to address the people."

Annale merely acquiesced, "Of course." as she moved to stand beside Vermicio. As she did, she addressed her servant, "Aryella, have the wounded brought to the Leaves of Healing and tended to."

Vermicio, before stepping with his new bride through the entrance and towards his destiny, turned softly to Annale and spoke in that melodic tone once again, "These days will echo throughout eternity. Come, my love, my bride, my Tari, my little queen, we have work to do."

Standing as tall and proudly as she could muster, Annale looked out over her city, watching briefly as wounded elves were tended by druids and clerics alike. For the moment, this was her fate, but she was determined - one day she would be free again.

One day, Vermicio, and Ba'al, would pay for causing her such disgrace.

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