The First Great Khazad War

In the First Age of Man came days of fell deeds and great terror. The call went out far and wide to take up the arms of war and defeat the Great Darkness that had arisen. From whence it came no one knew. But that it swept down out of the valleys of the North was finally determined and a Great Council made a fateful decision. The Darkness must be overcome and utterly defeated else no one might know life without fear ever again.

Stonegrip and all the able-boded of his clan heeded the council of the high mages and the King of Men. And they labored anew at their great forges and they devised fell weapons, and Wizards enchanted them with deep spells so that they might defeat the common enemy.

In time, when all was prepared, the Dwarves marched to the East. And all the Seven Families arrived at the meeting place, with the throngs of Men and all other peoples. This is the only time that all Seven Families came to be together since the first days of their creation. And, as is already recorded, it was the only time that all Seven Fathers of the Dwarves would take council together. For in that Great War, the Father Stonepick lost his life, and his body was torn asunder and eaten by the Imperial Nazgul Lord. This Stonepick could not be renewed, even by the Gods.

And when the armies of the world marched to the North the great evils of the Dark Lord became known. And from his lairs poured Orcs and Trolls and the Nazgul Lords of Darkness. And the battles spread over all the Earth and though the Armies of the World did defeat the Darkness, they paid a great price. And much of all that had been good upon Ea came to deep ruin.

In the years of the War no one thought of home or hearth. The Evil was so great that only the battle at hand could be considered. But after the defeat for a time of the Dark Lord it became known the extent of the ruination his filth had laid waste. And thus, even as the Second Age came to pass, much of what had been beautiful and majestic and good upon Ea had been destroyed.

After the Great War of that First Age, Gemstone and the few of his clan that survived were put to sleep for a time so the deep wounds they had endured might be healed. And when Stonegrip awoke he was alone, for even the Gods could not undo the poison and curses the family had endured for the sake of the World. And had Stonegrip not been one of the first Seven of the Family, even he could not have been saved. But because he was of Aule, and because the Kindred Strength flowed through him, he awoke at last.

And so, alone, Stonegrip returned to these Realms of Despair. As we know there was little left of what had been.

The Great Hall of Gemstone had been burned and sacked. Filth and vile scars were all that remained of what had once been our ancestral home. Alone and confronted with the terrible ruins of what had been, Stonegrip fled to the deep mines where he had awoken in the beginning of time. And there his tears were so great they filled vast underground vaults. And his heart hardened to all the world. And he stayed there, deep in the Earth for many, many years. And he could not be consoled.

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