The Gemstone Blessing

And slowly as they awoke Stonegrip and Goldenrod beheld the ethereal form of Aule standing before them. And Aule smothered Father Stonegrip with kisses, and hugged Goldenrod til they were both quite breathless. And Father Stonegrip looked upon the fair form of Goldenrod and she upon his rugged, strong body.

At that time their hearts leapt upwards and they embraced each other, for in each of them had arisen a new kindled flame. Had they not walked to the gates of Death together yet lived again?

And though they did not know it, they had each been touched by Iluvator the Creator. And Stonegrip resumed the Vigor and Beauty of all he had. And his veins coursed once more with the Strength of the Kindred. And it was as though the years of sorrow and pain had been wiped from him. And he once again looked youthful and fit.

And Goldenrod had been renewed as well. Her long golden tresses framed her strong tawny face. And her form stood straight and strong and the thin veils revealed a full and ripened body. And there before Aule they pledged their love. And there, at the top of that very mountain, you can still find to this day a small place where a sign of their love can be seen. And in our family it is called the place of Gemstone's Blessing.

For Aule sat and listened to the tale of Goldenrod, and whence she came and why. Thus Aule came to know of her courage and the quest that she had undertaken to return Stonegrip to life. And he saw Goldenrod in that new light with a great love. Then Aule looked at Father Stonegrip and beheld the prime of his creation, and he looked upon fair Goldenrod and he resolved the new life he would have for them. And with their hearts singing and entertwined with their fresh love, Aule wed them in that Eagle's eerie at that place we know as Gemstone's Blessing.

And as a sign of his love for Goldenrod and what she had done, he transported them into the caves where she had entered the mountain. And seeing there the drops of her blood on the stones where she had walked, Aule sang a mystic chant.

And behold, each drop that lay there became a deep red gem. And with his hammer he smote the living rock and a large ruby-red gemstone fell to his hand. And he placed that holy Gemstone lovingly upon her brow as a sign of his love for her. And he hugged Stonegrip, and he kissed Goldenrod. And in an instant his form swirled out of sight before them.

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