The Hunt

The Pass Splits
The trail continues to wind its way to the north and to the northeast,
another cave looming over the path below can be seen. To the east, the
trail winds its way through a maze of fallen boulders. A feeling of
dread hangs palpable in the air as you contemplate your choices.
Exits: north west northeast southeast
(Hide) Klaatu{UH Nation Leader} is hovering here.
(Hide) Orcadian. is hovering here.
(Hide) Sinfonian wields a deadly pillow (Advocate) is hovering here.

Doyle's horse trots into the area as he pulls the reins signalling for the horse to stop, the opening of his hood turns behind him as he watches the others approach, "Were here." he says in a content voice.

Klaatu sniffs the air and smells burnt drgon's ashes.

Sinfonian brings his horse to a halt alongside Doyle, staring at the huge cave before them.

Klaatu pants breathlessly as he runs up on foot.

Orcadian follows the rest in from behind going slow and uneasy on his horse.

Doyle pulls his hood down lower so the black abyss inside grows darker, the opening moves from side to side slowly, scanning the area, "Alright, lets unpack our gear from the storage horse."

Sinfonian dismounts his horse, and stretches his stiff legs.

Doyle dismounts, then walks to the horse carrying all the gear, he slowly unhooks a latch holding together some long sturdy peices of wood, and the wood falls to the ground with a knocking sound.

Orcadian slowly and carefully climbs off of his horse, nearly falling but catching himself on his leather saddle.

Klaatu rubs his feet after the long run.

Sinfonian moves to the pile of wood, and begins to organize it, putting same length boards together.

Doyle grabs a peice of wood that fell to the ground and holds it up as his hood turns toward a nearby cave, "If we had enough people we would have begun to make a pit, but due to lack of numbers lets all grab a peice of wood and carve it into a stake.." he unsheaths his sword and starts to pick at one end of the peice he holds.

Klaatu grabs a good size piece of wood and whittles at it with his sword.

Orcadian starts unpacking the netting and unravelling it on the ground.

Sinfonian takes a large knife from the saddlebag of his stallion, grabs a pole and begins to whittle away at the end.

Doyle carves at the wood as he speaks in a serious voice, "We will have to go with plan b now. Dragons are not stupid, we have to have a strategy to beat them…"

Klaatu nods in agreement with Doyle and grumbles about the slacker ogres that didn't show.

Doyle stops for a second, he points to a cave up to the northeast, "You see that cave? That is where our first dragon lies, that cave is far off from the other six dragons.. so we take that one first."

Klaatu utters a few curses whille his pole is honed to a nice sharp point.

Sinfonian finishes hes spear and returns the knife to its place in his pack.

Klaatu scans to the northeast and dees vague shadows move about.

Doyle picks at his pole slowly and uneasily as if his concentration were elsewhere, "Although there is something wrong with this picture ever since i have came here…"

Klaatu ponders what Doyle means.

Sinfonian looks up from his pack at his friend "What is that?"

Doyle continues to pick slowly at the pole in hand, a slow sigh eminates from inside the hood, "Well, there are seven dragons here, six are flying fire breathers, but only one is a ground type.. why are they not all the same type if they move together…" he says curiously.

Klaatu looks around more about the ground type Doyle refers to.

Sinfonian gazes thoughtfully into the cave opening before shrugging his shoulders.

Doyle shrugs slowly, "Well, i guess we will just have to figure it out after we kill them." the hood opening moves from Orcadian, to Sinfonian, "Have either of you seen the dragons circling Lomar lately?"

Sinfonian nods "I have caught glimpses of them, they seem to get closer everytime I spot them"

Klaatu hefts his pole spear testing the balance point.

Orcadian finishes unravelling the nets, turns to Doyle "I have seen no dragons circling Lomar recently, but I have not spent much time there since my arrival."

Doyle nods slowly at the two, "What i find disconcerning is that since a few days back they stopped coming… could mean trouble…"

Orcadian shrugs his shoulders "I do not know much in the ways of dragon behavour, so I will take your word for it."

Klaatu nod agreeingly with Ocradian.

Sinfonian nods solemnly.

Sinfonian grins at Doyle "You are our dragon expert"

Doyle grins at sinfonian, even though no one can see it from the abyss that radiates from the hood, he finishes off his spear and the hood moves from all three people, "Alright, are we ready?"

Klaatu nods solemnly.

Orcadian nods solemnly.

Sinfonian nods solemnly.

Sinfonian turns to Doyle "So what is plan b?"

Klaatu grasps spear firmly.

Doyle's hood moves to the cave in the distance, "Ok, the dragon in that cave is the ground type, no wings, no breath attack, but she has scales covering her back so do not try to attack from the backside. I hope you all have bladed weapons, bludgeons will do no serious damage, you need to go for the under belly, that is their weakness." he says teachingly.

Doyle looks back around the three, and says in a light joki ng voice, "So who here likes to run?"

Klaatu volunteers he came along to learn to run.

Doyle's hood opening moves solidly on Klaatu, "Excellent, here is what we are going to do, Klaatu, you are our bait. You are going to go in the cave and get the dragon to chase you out of the cave where we will be waiting with spears in hand." he looks to the other two, "We will lay low, then when the dragon comes we will spring up and stab her in her underbelly.."

Orcadian nods in agreement with you.

Sinfonian seems to agree.

Doyle picks up his spear and slowly walks toward the cave to find his position, "Lets move out.." he says sternly.

Klaatu creeps cautiosly forward toward the entrance.

Sinfonian grabs his spear and trots to the opposite side of the opening from doyle, spotting a large boulder to conceal himself behind.

Klaatu enters the cave on the shadowy side.

Klaatu floats northeast.

Orcadian ducks down low behind some bushes off to the side of the cave.

Doyle crounches down close to the ground holding his spear so it rests pointing up at a 45 degree angle wating patiently..

Sinfonian strains his eyes trying to see into the pitch blackness, listening for any sound.

Klaatu yells 'DIE! DIE! foul beast!'

Klaatu yells 'HOLY SHAKAK! get ready! It is a bit riled up now!'

Klaatu floats in from the northeast.

Orcadian readies his weapon.

Sinfonian leaps from behind his rock, barely ducking in time as the dragon swipes her front foot at him.

Klaatu plants the end of his spear in the ground bracing for the impact.

Orcadian charges forward after Sinfonian, plunging his spear forward only hitting and scratching the foul beasts left arm.

Sinfonian ducks inside the dragons swipe and plunges his spear into the soft underbelly of the beast.

Klaatu is knocked over as the dragon runs into his spear snapping it in half.

Doyle screams with a feirce warcry as he rushes forward straight at the dragon and thrusts his spear straight into the dragons neck, his hood flys back revealing a crazed look in his eyes, he quickly replaces the hood so nothing else could be seen, then stands back to a normal stance again watching the dragon take its last breath then slowly perish.

Klaatu scurries to get out of the dragon;s way and draw his sword.

Sinfonian dives out of the way as the dragon crashes to the ground with a deafening crash.

Orcadian runs from underneath the dragons belly hoping not to be squashed.

Klaatu pokes the fragon in its snout just to be sure.

Doyle stares down at the dragons corpse, he says with a shakey voice, "Thats one. Good work."

Doyle's hood stares back up at the cave entrance and does not move from that spot.

Orcadian checks around the dragons corpse for his spear that he had lost in it's arm.

Sinfonian grins "Looks like Im gonna need to make another spear, mine got crushed.

Klaatu examines the dragon closely. It is the first one he has seen this close.

Doyle hmmms loudly as he walks slowly to the cave, "Stay here." he says without looking back.

Orcadian finds his spear still hanging from the dragons arm and pulls it out.

Sinfonian glances up at Doyle "Where are you going?"

Doyle keeps walking straight toward the cave as he says, "Something does not feel right.. Just wait there…" he says concerned.

Klaatu peers past Doyle wondering what he didn't notice while in the cave.

Doyle walks forcefully into the cave as if there was nothing dangerous about it at all..

Sinfonian stands up and moves toward the cave, concern written across his face.

Doyle walks back out of the cave a moment later, his hood opening falls on sinfonian, "Didnt i tell you to stay there?" he says as he walks past him back to the corpse..

Sinfonian wipes his brow with obvious relief.

Doyle stops in front of the corpse as he crosses his arms staring down at the corpse, "Klaatu, you did not see any young when you were in there?" he says ponderingly.

Klaatu why there was some movement in a shadow , but i didn't look hard thinking it was just a shadow.

Doyle nods slowly, still looking down at the corpse, "Yes I saw the movement too, but it was too small to be the young.. they disappeared…"

Klaatu scans toward the cave looing for a sign of movement.

Sinfonian stares at Doyle "What are you thinking? What did you see in there?"

Doyle glances back over his shoulder, "Not much, a standard dragons nest that seems to have been around for some time.. but she had young, but they are gone now, they never go away so young."

Klaatu pokes around on the ground examing recent tracks.

Orcadian face is covered with a worried expression "You don't think someone could have taken the young for other purposes do you?"

Doyle the hood shakes slowly from side to side, "I doubt it, there are only dragon tracks around here.." he pauses for a moment, then turns to face the three, "This can wait, we have greater buisness to attend."

Klaatu nods solemnly.

Sinfonian nods solemnly.

Orcadian nods in agreement with you.

Klaatu ponders using the dragons scaly back to shield himself from the firebreathers.

Klaatu ponder Doyles next move.

Klaatu sidesteps the crawly thing coming out of the dead dragons corpse.

Cielia stumbles into the clearing, her face bruised and her skin torn, tired, thirsty, and starving, her life in its last leg..

Cielia looks up, dropping to one knee and catching herself, a soft groan issuing from her soar throat, days of screaming doing her no good..

Klaatu thinks Cielia looks like she just escape the drow slave market.

Sinfonian draws his sword at the sudden movement, gasping as he sees the condition the stranger is in.

Doyle looks away from the three as he sees the women exit the cave, he pulls the hood down lower over his head as he makes his way toward the woman.

Sinfonian moves towards the woman, wondering how long she'd been in the cave, how she ended up there in the first place.

Cielia breaths heavily, looking up, her large brown eyes falling upon the strangers..She motions to move to them, seeing them as humans, her own kind, but fails to convince her bedraggled body it has any strength left.

Cielia falls to the floor, exhausted..

Doyle kneels down before the women and grabs her by the shoulders, the hood opening looks up at sinfonian, "Help me get her to our supplies."

Klaatu grabs a blanket and spreads it on the ground.

Sinfonian kneels down and grabs the woman by the legs, nodding at doyle to signal that he's ready.

Doyle moves with sinfonian to the blanket klaatu set down and softly lets her down, he looks back to sinfonian, "Can you tend to her?"

Sinfonian kneels down beside the woman, and begins to tend to her wounds. He looks up at orcadian "Give me a hand will you?"

Orcadian throws down his spear and joins Sinfonian on the blanket.

Klaatu looks on slack jawwed as he sees sinfonian at work.

Cielia blinks groggy eyes, looking around the circle of strange faces..

Sinfonian works at the wounds, mending them as best he can.

Doyle stares down at the girl, he waves his hand in front of her vision a couple times, "You alright?" he asks slowly.

Cielia opens her eyes a bit wider, the tending not in vain. She barely lifts her head, murming softly.."I..think so..," random strands of brown locks torn free from the braid around her head lying out of place on her face..

Doyle continues to look down at the girl, "Good, now how the hell did you end up here?"

Sinfonian sits back on his heals, weary from his work.

Klaatu eyes the small woman carefully.

Cielia leans her head back, a heavy sigh crossing her soft lips.."I…join the dragon raid..but soon found myself fodder.."

Orcadian peers at Cielia with a suprised and amused look on his face "Why would a young lass like you be wanting to join this dragon raid?"

Cielia says 'Why else? To kill the filthy beasts..'

Cielia coughs, moving a now dirty hand to stifle it. Cielia sits up and winces, the same hand moving quickly to her head.

Doyle pulls on his hood again making sure it remains secure, "You do not look in any condition to fight now, you are safe for the time being if you remain here, we on the other hand need to finish what we came here to do.."

Klaatu nods in agreement with you.

Sinfonian nods solemnly.

Cielia looks up sadly, gently shaking her head. "I did not risk life and limb to sit idly by…I..I will be fine. Please..let me come.."

Doyle pauses for a moment before responding as he moves away, "You should be happy your still alive, in your condition you would be unwise to try to fight a dragon.."

Cielia looks to the ground, knowing his words to be right, but wanting to go all the same. She resigns herself to stay..nodding solemnly, more stray strands of hair falling over big, brown eyes.

Cielia runs a hand through the dirt, apparently hurt, emotionally and physically.."So be it.."

Klaatu says 'It is important that you guard our supplies from the thieving mountain troll'

Cielia looks up.."You don't think me capable of handling a dragon with a strong group of warriors, but expect me to single handedly fend of a mountain troll?"

Klaatu says 'the troll wont take anything if someone is with it,but will grab what ever he thinks is just lying there'

Cielia rolls her eyes…"So be it..Off you go to so valiantly slay the dragons..I knew coming was a bad idea in itself.."

Orcadian looks around the group then over to Cielia "Alright, if you stay close to me and do whatever any of us instruct you to do, you may come."

Cielia turns to Orcadian, smiling and nodding. "Done" She gets up, still a bit groggy, but overlooking the fact, wiping off her dust armor and taking a moment to fully erect her self..

Orcadian says to Cielia, 'My name is Orcadian, I do not believe I caught yours'

Klaatu looks at Cielia and remembers his human hheritage.

Cielia says 'Cielia…'

Sinfonian says to Cielia, 'Im Sinfonian'

Cielia smiles, almost happy for the first time in a long time…Her eyes losing a touch of the sadness they've held for so long..She turns to the stranger as he introduces himself, nodding to him.

Sinfonian stands up and looks toward Doyle "I believe it is time to end this plague of dragons"

Klaatu nods in agreement to Sinfonian.

Doyle turns around and walks shortly in the direction of the rest of the caves, he looks back at the group, "The rest of these dragons are going to be a bit more danger—" he hears a loud roar of angry dragons, he looks over to the horizon where the rest of the nests are. Two huge dragons emerge from the distance looking very hostile, he unsheaths his sword, "Quick, you guys take the one on the left, I'll take the one on the right." he says as he runs off toward his chosen dragon.

Klaatu runs at the firebreather on his left.

Sinfonian draws his own swords and sprints to the left.

Cielia steps back, standing beside Orcadian..her hand on the hilt of her sword.

Orcadian quickly pulls out his sword as he charges the dragon on the left.

Klaatu fails his word and claw wildy hoping for any kind of hit.

Sinfonian slashes fiercly with his swords, the late day sun glinting off the razor sharp blades.

Klaatu dives trying to avoid a blast of flame but get singed to a medium rare.

Sinfonian grimaces as he is struck by the dragons tail and knocked backwards.

Cielia runs behind Orcadian, pulling forth a red-runed silver sword..stumbling, but quickly recovering.

Orcadian yells back to Cielia "Try taking the dragon from it's side, do not attack it from the front"

Klaatu rolls back and forth on the ground trying to smother the flames.

Sinfonian regains his footing and quickly douses Klaatu with his canteen.

Cielia nods, moving quickly to the left, holding "Rosendeath" before her, the blade sparkling…

Klaatu gains he feet and growls while giving off wisps off smoke.

Orcadian jumps forward at the dragon with his sword poised for its head, he then strikes down sticking his sword into the beasts left eye. Blood splatters his armor as he is flung a distance.

Sinfonian spots an opening and rushes towards it, hacking at the neck and belly of the dragon with his blades, blood flying everywhere.

Klaatu charges recklessly underneath the dragon flaying at its sensitve parts.

Cielia watches Orcadian hit the ground. She bites her lip and runs for the beasts right hind, hacking at the tough flesh.

Sinfonian drives both his swords into the heart of the dragon, burying them to the hilts.

Orcadian rises up and charges back at the dragon picking up his discarded spear along the way.

Klaatu scores a HIT and immediately gets a dragon's claw in his face in response.

Sinfonian rolls out from under the dragon as it falls to the ground.

Cielia gets no where with her hacking, causing no real damage to an almost dead dragon..Cielia steps back, her face splatted with blood, the scales scattering it in all directions.

Klaatu on his back repeatedly stab upward at the beast.

Orcadian slows his run to a walk as he notices the dragon on its last breath.

Cielia refrains from the slicing as the beast falls. She reaches up to wipe her face clean, wincing at the taste of the beasts blood.

Klaatu scrambles out of the way as it falls.

Sinfonian drops one sword and raises the other above his head, bringing it down with such force, the head comes completely off the body.

Doyle comes to a halt before the dragons head, he stares up at the dragon, one leg back the other grinds into the dirt, he waits, taunting the dragon, until the dragon opens his mouth in an attempt to fry him, he quickly runs under the dragon and holds his sword high, letting it cut into the underbelly, slicing it open wide, then circles back around one leg of the dragon and with a crazed warcry he jams the sword straight into the dragons heart and twists it for good measure then removes the sword and runs back out from the dragon as it drops behind him dead.

Doyle slowly sheaths his sword again as he surveys the mess, "You guys arnt bad at this…" he crosses his arms as he looks out at the surroundings.

Klaatu feels like and smells a bar-b-que.

Cielia holds her head for a moment, getting dizzy, but quickly shaking it off, eager to hold her own.

Orcadian walks over to Cielia and examines her for any injuries.

Orcadian asks Cielia, 'Are you alright?'

Klaatu sits down in the pond to ease the burns.

Cielia nods, still wiping at the blood on her face, entirely disgusted, but not about to let anyone see her feminism..

Orcadian looks impressed with Cielia "You handled yourself pretty well there."

Sinfonian looks at the two corpses, then at Doyle "Looks like we're down to 4 dragons"

Klaatu grins and ssays " 3 down many more?

Orcadian walks to the decapitated head of the dragon and removes his sword from its oozing eye.

Cielia chuckles, shrugging.."Not was you all who did all the work..I merely got dirty.."

Klaatu splashes the soothing waters on his seared flaesh.

Klaatu dunks his head in the spring and wonders if there is anyhair left.

Cielia lets her hair out of the braid it was barely in and runs her fingers through it..She finishes fussing quickly and braids it deftly, wrapping it around her head and dusting off her hands, smiling, two large bangs hanging on either side of her face.

Klaatu does a short check for damage on his battle gear.

Klaatu tugs here and there making sure all is ok.

Sinfonian kneels next to the pond, washing blood off of his armor before it dries.

Doyle continues to scan the surroundings as his hood opening sets on something in the distance, "Well, it looks like we have no more dragons to fight…" He walks straight forward towards the object in the distance.

Klaatu looks up with surprise.

Cielia walks to the pond as well, kneeling beside Sinfonian, filling her dragonskin and rinsing off her own armor..

Orcadian squints his eyes trying to see what Doyle sees.

Klaatu scans toward the horizon.

Sinfonian grins at Cielia "You did very well, youre very brave for a young lass"

Cielia pays no heed to Doyle, more concerned with getting her armor shiny again..almost completely recovered from her ordeal as a meal for dragon hatchlings.

Sinfonian stands and peers off into the distance as well, not seeing any object.

Cielia looks to Sinfonian, the pain in her eyes evident.."I was not all were…I merely tagged along.." She turns away, obviously hurting, but why remains unknown.

Doyle looks back over his shoulder, before going out of earshot range he says, "Coming?"

Klaatu stands and starts to trot after Doyle.

Cielia looks up, nodding solemnly, the smile lost from her face as her tragic past rears its ugly head…

Orcadian looks over to Cielia, then back at Doyle. He then runs to meet up with Doyle.

Sinfonian moves to follow Doyle. He says to Cielia "You have done much more than many others by being here amongst these beasts… Be proud"

Sinfonian hurries to catch up with the others.

Doyle stops as he squares off with the pile of decaying dragon corpses in the center of the pass, "Well, we have our answers now.."

Cielia makes her way to Orcadian, standing by his side.."I have nothing to be proud of, but please, do not let us dwell.."

Klaatu peers intently at what is left of the beasts.

Orcadian pats Cielia on her back.

Sinfonian stares at the corpses, then asks Doyle "and what answers are those?"

Cielia covers her nose at the stench of the fetid carrion…"Vile.."

Orcadian says 'it looks like someone beat us to the fun'

Doyle crosses his arms as he surveys the pile, "Well, this explains why the young were not in the cave… and the caves of the firebreathers are alot newer then that of the ground type."

Doyle pauses for a moment as he ponders, "The firebreathers probably migrated in and the ground type just happened to be living here…"

Sinfonian nods in agreement with you.

Orcadian wonders 'I thought differnet types of dragons did not get along together?'

Klaatu defers to Doyle's expert opinion.

Doyle looks up at the near by caves, "It depends on the dragons Orcadian… but by the looks of it the caves have only been nested for maybe a month or so.." He pauses for a long moment, "Didnt the plague start about a month ago?"

Orcadian nods in agreement with you.

Sinfonian agrees with you.

Doyle looks back to the corpses, "Look at the corpses, they dont show signs of battle, no scars, cuts, wounds.."

Orcadian feels a little confused "So you believe that these dragons and the plague are connected?"

Doyle shrugs slowly, "Couldn't be just a coincident…"

Klaatu thinks about doyle's remark.

Sinfonian looks away from the corpses. "So the dragons are causing the plague? or were they killed by it?"

Doyle ajusts his hood again, "It would appear to be both…"

Cielia refrains from making any comments, waiting for more information before lending her own opinions..

Sinfonian looks at Doyle, asking the question thats been bugging him the whole trip. "Why are you wearing that hood?"

Doyle pulls the hood down more, "No reason…" he says as he shrugs.

Cielia thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Cielia looks up, thoughtful.."Why are you so concerned with this plague, anyhow?"

Orcadian looks at Ceilia with puzzled face "Do you not know what is going on?"

Orcadian says 'many humans are suffering or dying from this plague'

Cielia looks to the ground.."Well..Not really..I just heard something about killing dragons…"

Klaatu starts digging a pit to dipose of the plague ridden coepses.

Sinfonian moves closer to doyle, trying to see underneath his hood.

Cielia looks up, her eyes widening.."Oh..I wouldn't have known that..I haven't had human contact in a while..You know..I can take a guess why he wears that hood.."

Klaatu dont waana get too close to Doyle cause he may have that plague.

Doyle turns and heads back to the make shift camp, avoiding Sinfonians curiosity, "Well we accomplished what we came for, now we have a bigger problem to solve.."

Orcadian nods in agreement with you.

Cielia coughs, discarding it..looking to doyle.."So..why are we standing around here anyhow..let us leave this carrion..I can bare the stink of rotting carcas only so long.."

Klaatu starts toosing the corpses into the hole.

Klaatu wonders 'do we bury or burn these bodies?'

Orcadian says 'we should burn them'

Sinfonian follows doyle back to the camp, still intensly curious about the hood, and relationship between the dragons and the plague.

Orcadian looks over to Cielia "You coming?" then follows Doyle and Sinfonian.

Klaatu glances back at he other corpses from the earlier battle and believes it is too late to burn them.

Klaatu trots after the others toward camp.

Doyle mounts his horse and stares off at the post battle field, ajusting his hood once again.

Cielia nods, snapping out of her slight daze and hurrying after Orcadian.

Sinfonian climbs onto his own mount, his eyes never leaving Doyle.

Orcadian notices they are short a horse "Cielia you can take mine, do you know how to ride?"

Cielia looks around, realizing her horse was eaten hours before and nods to Orcadian "I can manage." She hops onto the steed closest Orcadian, pulling up the reigns.

Klaatu starts to think about what healers are willing to help with plague?

Doyle motions his horse to turn around, "Ok lets head back, we have to cure this plague as soon as possible…" he slaps the reigns and the horse trots south.

Klaatu stars his trot afte Doyle on more time.

Orcadian follow Doyle on foot as quickly as he can.

Cielia pulls the horse she's upon to stop beside Orcadian, offering him a lift.."It'd be faster.."

Sinfonian nudges the horse into a trot to follow the others.

Orcadian nods solemnly.

Orcadian climbs onto the back of the horse carrying Cielia.

Cielia scoots up on the horse to allow him more room to sit comfortably..She pulls up the reigns and follows the others, her skill almost surprising..

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