The Maze Of Stonegrip's Heart

So Goldenrod removed her camp from the West fields of DarkHaven and explored the Northern lands. And setting herself near to a stream that flowed from those mountains she waited. The place seemed renewed and the waters there gushed forth down upon her camp in a fresh torrent. Little could she see save the mellow Earth, the verdant fields and the abundant life that gushed forth there. And though she did not fully realize it, the spirit of that place there by the mountains of the Realms touched her soul, and instead of hard deeds and harsh ways her eyes saw for the first time the glory of the work of Iluvator in and around our Realms.

And at night she would listen by her campire for any sounds of Stonegrip as the beggar had told. Yet nothing but the sighing of the wings through the high passes could she hear. So she waited patiently.

And after a period of much time, one night, in her sleep, she dreamed of a wide and deep hall, woven with fine woods and bejeweled with the finest gems. And standing she heard the moan, deep, issuing forth within the sighing wind of a dark and sorrowful hurt. And it was then she followed that sound, padding softly into the mountain, following the haunting grieving. And so suddenly had she left that she had not had time to don her garb, nor even her boots, and as she walked her feet bled upon the ragged rocks.

But darker and deeper she wandered still, following the moans she heard so clearly now. And her robe flowed about her and her hair, golden by day, fell in dark streams about her face. And the dark deepened so, that she could not see. But her great heart drove her still onward til she could clearly hear the sounds of the hatred of all things on Earth that had built all around the maze of Stonegrip's heart. And it seemed that at every turn she was closer yet still she could not see.

It was in those deep mountains, born from the interminable smell of death in that place that the dark spider Shehob laid in her lair. And it was at the mouth of that lair that Shehob beheld Goldenrod wandering through the maze. Shehob slowly turned it's thousand eyes, watching her every step. And as she drew closer in that maze the poisoned fangs pierced deeply and Goldenrod shuddered and grew cold and in her toruted breath her great spirit let out a piercing scream. And she fell to the cold rock in the black mines of the deep bowels of Ea there.

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