The New Elear

Summary : Israfel offers his services to Annale, who readily accepts. Annale desires to fill the High Council quickly, and to keep the Island ready for defense. The pair meet and Israfel is officially made Elear.

Elven Society Archive Hall
An easier path stretches to the young Mallorn which houses the Archive Hall of the elves, and the talan which holds it is enclosed on three sides to protect the ancient tomes from wind and weather. The inner walls of the Hall are decorated with great tapestries of exceptional workmanship, their threads of gold and bright colors each depicting an elven monarch or some event in the history of the city. At the center against the bole of the tree stands a pedestal carved from the remains of the old throne which survived the destruction, and a great book rests on it, detailing that which any seeking news of this place might need to know… if they can read the graceful elf-script there. A door opens at the far side.

It had been a long night with Cywiel. The shopkeeper got worried over some squirrels messing around with the crates! Squirrels! You'd think he had never lived on the Island before.

Regardless, after only a scant few hours of sleep, Annale was once again awake. The soft early morning sun is accompanied by the waking calls of birds. Truly, this is one of the most serene times on the Island. [Annale]

Israfel has returned amongst the trees on the Island of Irrybis again, having left his steed on the other side of the isle itself, and instead he decides to walk back to the Hall where last night he did attempt to try to meet the Tari.

It is indeed a rather serene morning, and his walk is quite slow and unharried, quite matching with the entire languidity of the atmosphere. The blonde elf finally finds his way to the Hall again, and the folded letter in green ink is taken out from his cloak. [Israfel]

Annale stood over the pedestal once again, removing many of the old notices with her right hand. In her left hand she held a slender black cane, using it to keep herself upright. She turns away from the pedestal as she becomes aware of someone else entering the Hall.

He wasn't familiar, not really, but was he one of the Elves she saw briefly last night? "Vedui, Heru" Her voice is tainted with a strange accent, causing her words to sound rougher than the usual lilt of an elf. [Annale]

Very quietly the blonde elf glances up from the letter he has lain open, in a half-fold in his long fingered hands. The letter is put away in immediacy, and the elf male crosses the distance between himself and the woman, though putting a respectful arm's length between them still; he bows in sincere respect to the elven woman, and in quaint fashion, with one palm resting on the upper left of his chest. "Vedui, Tari Annale." - he greets in fluid Elvish. [Israfel]

Annale takes a good look at the elf as he approaches, slightly wary, but at the same time, he had the air about him of someone with a purpose. "Vedui and welcome to Arborlon Heru…" Her words trail off a little. She had seen the note in his hand, but it didn't trigger any recognition. "How can I be of assistance?" [Annale]

(Annale looks at Israfel)
This elf male is dressed in a mixture of white, ivory and silver, presenting a sharp regality to his entire composure. He wears a long robe woven of thick brocade dyed white and intersewn with pale gold twelve-petalled lily insignia of his station as a chevalier. Pauldrons crafted from strong yet light mithrilsilver guards his shoulders, similar to the fluted bracers encasing his forearms that are decorated with markings of an ancient language.

A many-folded cloak woven of heavy damask surrounds his body, wrapping him like a shroud, the ends of the cloak coming to meet on his left shoulder, captured together by a fired silver clasp shaped like a large, curling feather. His long hair is tied up with a twisted white leather cord, strands of which falls down by the side of his temples, teasing his upswept, pointed ears.

The faint tint of shimmering gold in his hair adds an unearthly halo to his pallor, like a creature borne of the night and tempted like a moth burnt by the light of a candle. His eyes gleam beneath slips of white lashes with irises of frozen sky and pupils of indigo dye, like the glass eyes of a stuffed Siamese cat in a long-forgotten library of an ancient land…

He straightens for a little moment, glancing about him as if assessing his situation, and the letter is now brought out of the fold of his cloak and presented to her with both pale hands. "My name is Israfel, Tari Annale. I seek your audience as it is noted on this letter I have received from you." That said, the letter itself is urged a little forthward to perhaps allow her to glance upon it that he is not lying. And he stands quite quietly again, unremarkably unobstrusive, waiting her counsel. [Israfel]

Her amber eyes flash for a moment, as though things suddenly make sense. "Ah, Saesa omentien lle, Heru Israfel. I did not expect you so soon." She places her hand lightly on the letter, glancing down and recognizing her own handwriting, "As I said in the letter, your offer of assistance comes at the most opportune time. You mentioned having some form of mystery to solve in your letter. Pray, may I ask, what is it that you do in your homeland?" [Annale]

The letter is delicately folded away and placed back into the fold of his cloak and with quiet ease, he still keeps his respectful distance before replying to the Tari's question. "I am a guardian and a mage for the Queen who rules the lands where I come from. My own Queen has been generous to allow us to depart in order to aid the rest of our Kindred in these parts." He pauses slightly, blue eyes wavering upwards in a moment's thought and they return to look at Annale again. "The mystery I was attempting to work on was a report of wild sources of magic present in and around certain spots across the Island, in the Valley. The findings were a little…" He pauses again, levelling his gaze with the Tari. "Disturbiing. To say the least." [Israfel]

Annale respectfully ignores the watering eyes, deciding not to pry and allowing her interest to be piqued by his findings, "Disturbing, how?" The chaotic fires within her eyes danced merrily as she held Israfel's gaze.

"I would like to collect these sources, but I do not know how yet." He replies evenly, keeping his blue sights light and neutral as now that his gaze is held by the Tari's. The pale elf draws in a gentle breath and somewhat breaks the direction of the conversation. "I am bothered, but of course, nevertheless — it is only a minor interest, solving mysteries." Israfel continues albeit softly, one white blonde eyebrow arching in emphasis of his words. Then his tone takes on a more elaborate and serious edge, "What can I offer in terms of aid, Tari Annale?" [Israfel]

Annale nods her head slightly, she knew a few things about 'minor interests'. But this was neither time nor the place to think on that. Instead, she focuses her attention back to the reason Israfel was here, "Ah, I am not sure if word of the war reached your lands. But the Rukhas'dul had, some time ago, declared war on all races, choosing to eradicate them. That war has since ended, in our favour, but I feel that the Island is drastically ill-prepared to defend itself. Furthermore, our former
Elear has not been seen since the war, and as such, almost all training in the Arcane has ceased. I wish to rectify this situation and fill the empty seat on the High Council." She was quite blunt, it was no secret that she had thought Anabaena inept at protecting the Island. [Annale]

Israfel makes no comment as such, while Annale speaks. His hands move slowly to fold behind his back, in a slow fashion. Then he returns, in a placid, soft fashion. "I have heard superficial details of the war, as you had spoken, Tari Annale. If you wish me upon this seat; tell me what you would desire me to do specifically." The pale elf adds again in a level tone, in a fashion one might liken to the peaceful lapping of waves up and down a isolated shore. He appears to sense the taut bluntness in the elf woman's words about the former Tari; yet the only indication given is just another arch of a pale blonde eyebrow, nothing much now. [Israfel]

Annale again nods her head, she quite liked his own form of bluntness, direct and to the point. Specifics. So much easier. "As Elear, you will become the leader of the Council of Lore. Specifically, you will be responsible for the safe training of any interested in the Arcane, coordinating with the Megiltura so that Magi and Warriors fight along side effectively, reinforcing the defences upon the Island, aiding, as best you can, with celebrations, and, should the need arise, providing advice an.
and suggestions to myself and the other members of the High Council." As she speaks, she shifts her cane from her left hand to her right hand, as though making herself more comfortable. [Annale]

Israfel tilts his head a little, letting his chin arch upwards slightly. Again in momentary thought. Then his blue sights return to level with the Tari, though gifting a brief observation to the shifting of her cane from hand to hand. "That I can do." He replies with certain conviction in his voice, and his eyes search the Tari's fiery own for a brevity of a second, the essence of his gaze belying a certain entranced curiosity before they return to their pale, neutral hues. "And as well, Tari Annale — would the rest of the High Council be made known, or I'd have to seek them out with a letter in my hand?" Israfel asks, for somewhat he seems to smile, and that smile widens for the first time this morning. [Israfel]

Annale smirks slightly, -she never smiled-, although her voice takes on a humoured tone, "Of course the High Council, and the Nation would be made known. Quarters can also be arranged for you, and if you require anything specific, please, let me know. We do have a rather well stocked library." She pauses, considering that brief moment of curiousity in his eyes, then adds as an afterthought, "You've arrived in time for our Sheelala festival as well. It's late this year, largely because of the war, but I am sure that it will be an amusing event." [Annale]

The pale elf's chin dips a little in the acknowledge of the information received, gravity overcoming his smile now; "Since you have been accomodating, Tari Annale. I have no qualms regarding my situation here then." "I would definitely be pleased to be here during the Festival; if nothing else tarries me from the attendence." He continues, his blue eyes now evenly-hued and betraying nothing of the emotion prior that broke their glass-like surface. [Israfel]

Annale also allows her smirk to fade, although her voice does keep the lighter tones, "Welcome again to Irrybis, Elear Israfel. I am sure that you will find the Island most pleasant." She looks about ready to end their audience, but instead places her left
hand over her right, "Might I ask something of a personal favor?" [Annale]

"My gratitude, Tari Annale. The pleasantness of this place does have its attractiveness." Israfel draws his hands from behind his back, keeping them loosely crossed in front of himself; [Israfel]
and his sights are set upon the Tari now. "What personal favor might that be?" [Israfel]

Annale glances downwards momentarily, before meeting Israfel's gaze again, "My servant, Aryella, is a child of some Arcane inclinations, although she has never truly been able to access her abilities. She has done some study on her own, but I desire her to recieve some form of actual instruction. She is young, though, barely come of age." There was something about the way Annale spoke of this servant that wasn't quite right. It was almost motherly. Almost. [Annale]

Israfel's hands flex, allowing his fingers to slow lace themselves together in a resting poise; "Your esteemed servant Aryella?" He repeats the name slowly, "I assume she lives in Irrybis, then?"
He keeps quiet after the question, but nothing does stop him from observing the way the Tari spoke of the child, and a equivalent amount of understanding does seep across the light blue of his eyes. [Israfel]

For a moment, her chaotic eyes burn akin to an ember, but she keeps herself in check. She wasn't sure how to take Israfel's terming Aryella as 'esteemed servant'. She lets it drop though, "Yes, she lives with me in my home by the shore. She has not fully adjusted to life on the Island, but is most often found in the Library lately. I am encouraging her to learn Common." [Annale]

"Would she be comfortable learning from a stranger then?" Israfel asks now, a chip of concern edging into his otherwise quietly calm voice. He appears to be observed the change of emotion within Annale, or not. "But even so, I am most willing to help you in this personal matter, Tari." He continues however, laying a equal amount of promise upon his words. [Israfel]

Annale finds the question strangely amusing. "She is most comfortable with strangers. She's an eager student. I fear that I am not inclined to the Arcane, and make a poor teacher for her. I thank you though, for your cooperation. It truly is most apprecia.
appreciated." [Annale]

"Good." Israfel replies, with just one word. And he steps back once more, to bow towards the elf woman he'd swore allegiance to, for this period. "I'll seek her in the Library then. Is there anything else you'd require of me, Tari?"

Annale offers Israfel a respectful incline of her head, "No, Heru, but thank you. I will see to finding you some permanent accomodations. For now though, there are some empty rooms at the Fox and Fiddle. Shirl will give you a key to one, should you require it." [Annale]

"My gratitude. I wil make use of it when the times comes. For now, I'd bid my leave." The pale elf steps back a little more, bows and turns to depart, his hands weaving behind his back once more and the long cloak shrouds his steps out of the hall. [Israfel]

Annale turns back to the pedestal, reviewing what had just taken place. He was quite an intriguing Elf. For now though, she had a notice to write.


[ 43] Annale: -*- A notice written upon birchbark in green ink -*-
Tue May 13 14:47:52 2008
To: Quendi

It is with great honour that I welcome Israfel Qirsi Elined to our fair Island. I ask that all Quendi do their best to make our new Elear welcome upon the Island.

I have the utmost faith in Elear Israfel's ability and am glad to say that he has accepted the seat upon the High Council. Anyone seeking to join the Circle of Lore should contact Elear Israfel. I am certain that in due time our Magi will flourish under his guidance.

Congratulations and welcome to Elear Israfel!

Aa' menealle nauva calen ar' malta
Tari Annale Firestorm

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