The Oakenshield Legacy

Falagrant I, Thorin's cousin, is the last we know to have come out from that kingdom. A descendant from Durin, he was of royal bloodline, but had no last name. And so, taking the family name of Oakenshield, he began the setup for what would evolve into today's Dwarven Government. Falagrant I appointed his son, Falagrant II, warchief. The son brought honour to the Oakenshield name with his acts of valor in combat, slaying dragons and balrogs alike.

Falagrant II's daugther begot a son who was raised secretly for it was discovered that Durin's blood ran thickest through him, which not only meant he was true royalty, but he would surpass any other mere dwarf in longevity and strength. Raised and taught to be a warrior, this young lad quickly rose in rank int he local army, attaining Captain of the Knights, but he resigned soon afterword as word reached Queen Grace herself and a commission was offered to him as a Colonel in her army. He served gloriously in battles, turning skirmishes into slaughters as fear knew him not. Impressed with his reknown, Grace offered him a posistion as an assistant to her First, a posistion of royalty. Unfortunately, coming to her without a family, this lad could not hold such a posistion and Grace asked if there was a family that would accept him. Ironically, the Oakenshield family stepped forward and adopted him into the family, and this lad, Tharakin Oakenshield, would continue to set the dwarven race above all others with his legendary feats.

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