The Pact of Passage

The Darkhaven Courier
You have entered the main branch of the Darkhaven Courier. Immense bookshelves line the walls, and reach high above your head. Within each of the bookshelves you notice small slots with little names engraved underneath them. Several errand boys run around, frantically placing letters in different slots, as postmen come and go collecting bags and packages. To the west is the main lobby of the Town Hall, while to the east you spy a quiet corner. A small sign is pinned on the wall.
Exits: north east west
A tall bookshelf filled with mail is set against the southern wall.
A very nervous looking man stands here, shuffling through some mail.
(Hide) Klaatu{UH Nation Leader} is standing here.

Klaatu raises his head up as he notices Doyle.

Klaatu looks at you.

Doyle walks in slowly eyeing the unfamiliar place, then he looks to Klaatu and nods slowly in greeting.

Klaatu wonders 'What title does the Dunedain leader have? king? lord?'

Doyle says 'I do not care much for those terms…'

Klaatu looks beyond Doyle to see it is all clear.

Klaatu says 'Aye like myself prefer just leader'

Doyle grins.

Klaatu wonders 'are the terms set forth agreeable to you and your followers?'

Doyle nods in agreement to Klaatu.

Klaatu says 'I made two copies, we each get one after you sign them'

Doyle nods slowly, "Yes, this pact should prove useful, here, let me see the treaty so I may sign it.."

Doyle takes the quill and documents offered by Klaatu and finds a hard place to write on, he places the documents against the wall and signs his name big and bold..

Doyle finishes signing the documents and hands one back to Klaatu with his quill.

Klaatu examines the pact checking the signatures.

Doyle smirks slightly, "Well, I look forward to holding this pact with you." he extends his hand to Klaatu.

Klaatu grasps Doyle's out streacthed hand and shakes it firmly.

Klaatu says, "With this out of the way … what are these rumors of plague and dragons?"

Doyle expression becomes serious, and concerned, "Yes, well they are not rumors.." he crosses his arms and paces back to the entryway and stares out, "They are quite real"

Doyle glances back over his shoulder, "I would be more concerned about the dragons right now though, they have been circling lomar more frequent as of late."

Klaatu says 'Thought they were too big for game birds'

Klaatu says 'We havent sent scouts out that way for some time'

Doyle nods slowly, "Yes, well they hold a big nest to the northeastern moutains of Lomar.." his face is donned by an even more serious look, "In my years of dragon hunting, i have never seen so many dragons in one place.."

Klaatu ponders if the plague and dragons might be related.

Doyle turns around to face Klaatu, "If I were to take on these dragons alone, it would take many months to clean them out, nobody from Lomar cares to help me, I was wondering if maybe you and your men would help?"

Klaatu says 'It seems an expedition may be needed to assess the force sixe needed to deal with this'

Klaatu says 'Unless you have already made the decision … there a few uruk'hai cravin action'

Klaatu says 'I will call for volunteers and see who responds'

Doyle nods with haste, "Good, with even a few men we can reduce the time it takes greatly.." he sighs deeply, "If only more humans would volunteer to help.."

Doyle says 'If we had enough men i know we could even take them all out in a week..'

Klaatu nods solemnly.

Doyle grips his upper arm tightly with his arms crossed as he continues to talk, "The dragons grow more dangerous every day, its not a matter of if they attack Lomar, but when.."

Klaatu says 'I will put out a call for volunteers and see who responds'

Klaatu says 'and if Lomar falls surely Opallinoc will follow'

Klaatu wonders 'since you have seen them.. what breed of dragons be they?'

Doyle ponders for a moment, "Most are flying fire breathers, there are sevral who do not fly, all of them have scales on their backs…"

Doyle continues, "I scouted thier numbers as well, seven adults, and two children to each.."

Klaatu grimaces at the thought of fire breathers, rembering the smell of charred ogre flesh.

Klaatu says 'Me thinks a divide and conquer strategy may work'

Klaatu says 'unless they all share the same cave'

Doyle nods in agreement, "Yes, I have been planning strategys ever since i found them.."

Klaatu nods in aggreemnet also.

Doyle uncrosses his arms and pats one of his swords at his side, "But no need to worry, I know every thing there is to killing dragons…"

Klaatu grins and says "I will learn your techniques, it has been a long time for me.

Doyle nods, "Well I have buisness to attend to, keep in touch, and we will have those dragons gone in no time." he extends his open hand to Klaatu one more time.

Klaatu says 'let me request volunteers and let you know how many brave warriors i can muster'

As Klaatu grasps Doyle hand h asks "before you depart, i havebeen approached by the drow … should i be wary of them?

Doyle scrunches his eyebrows, "The drow eh? What did they want?"

Klaatu says 'dont know they have been requesting an audience'

Klaatu says 'but they seem to be in continual war with elves and dwarves'

Doyle wipes his forehead as he thinks, "Well, I wouldnt trust them, but you could better judge them once you hear what they have to say…"

Klaatu sighs as he relaizes there is only one way to find out what the drow want.

Klaatu says 'well i will let you know when i have my warriors and you can now get on with the running a nation'

Klaatu gives a big toothy smile.

Doyle nods, then smiles, "Yes, thank you, and i wish you luck with the drow…" he starts toward the door as he raises a hand in farewell..

Klaatu waves farewell to Doyle.

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