The Plot

An Old Campsite
A small campsite sprawls out, with burned out firepits located here and there among the area. Some group has even gone so far as to try and dig a small well, ending up only with a pool of dirty water that not suitable to use for much of anything. Below, the crashing of waves is the only sound breaking the silence of the trail, as it continues on in both directions.
Exits: northwest southwest
Shelaine: If we are what we eat, i'm fast, easy and cheap! is hovering here.

The sky turns a reddish orange as the sun ends its journey.
The night begins.

Shadia gets as comfortable as the conditions will let her, waiting for the Pixie Queen. She can not believe she received a response from the letters she wrote on the National Visions board, but more importantly, the response was from Countess of the pixies.

Shelaine silently emerges from a torrent of blue flames forming about the area.

Shelaine, aloft in the air, casually lands on a rock, slightly smiling "Mmmm greetings Valsharess."

An eerie howl echoes through the rocky peaks, sending shivers down your spine…

Shadia stands where she is, her eyes never meeting the blue flamed portal. She knows who exactly it is, why bother? She waits for Shelaine to emerge fully and greet her before speaking herself, "Vendui Countess, always a.. pleasure."

Shelaine sitting upon the stone, legs crossed, winks towards Shadia, "Oh believe me, the pleasure…is all mine"

Shadia, her lips turning up into a evil based smirk, being that she is not in the mood for games of any kind, she cuts straight to the point of their meeting, "You contacted my… a servent of mine. Pertaining to the Humans' misfortune, correct?"

Shelaine, concealing a small darkened laugh behind her hand, as her gaze turns slighly evil "I have..It's almost….Delicious, is it not?"

Shadia's eyes trail over to the tiny pixie perched upon the bigger rock, her head drops into a grave nod, "Oh indeed it is.. Great joy has come from watching their suffering… But you told my servent you had other plans as well?"

Shelaine nodding slighly, steps down from her rock, walking slowly about, observing her sorroundings "Well…..*licks her lips and ponders a moment*..The humans need a cure…They want it…they need it…mmm Badly"

Shadia keeps her distance from the female pixie, not from fear, but from being precautious, the wings that lay unknowingly underneath her cloak, being to twitch, her eyes stay watching the pixie, "Ah, but I already know that. Their mere lifeforce is dwingling…"

Shelaine slowly rubs her palms together as a small red light is emitted, while still gazing off into the distance lost in pleasures of the humans misfortune "They need a cure….As it so happens…*turns her darkened gaze to Shadia*…I have one.."

Shadia raises a curious arched brow, "Oh really?" She says through a surprised breath, "And what makes you think I do not?"

Shelaine's wings begin to flutter silently behind her back, slowly hovering towards the Valsharess, stops dead, tapping her finger against her chin.."It is simple really…You would have done somthing already."

Shadia snorts softly under her breath, knowing that the Countess speaks truth, "Timing, Countess… You of all should know of that… It is such a small detail, but means oh so much."

Shelaine, snickers ever so slighly, knowing the Valsharess has no cure "Yes, Timing is everything…Which is exactly why I summoned you…"

Shadia grows impatient with each passing second, she rather harshly asks out loud, "And why exactly did you summon me? If you have a cure, why ask for my permission… Why not just torment them yourself?"

Shadia looks directly at the pixie, answering with just as much seriousness, "Oh?" She now is interested. It has been a while since others have heard of the Ilythiir, but to work together with the pixies. What sweet torment!, "Explain. I am listening."

Shelaine, begins to float slowly about Shadia, fixates her gaze upon the starlit sky. "Have you ever heard…The theory of Chaos Magic?"

Shadia slowly shakes her head, stray strands of silver locks become loose enough to come out from under her hood, the wind begins to pick up as they conversation starts to take a more serious turn, "Nay… I have not."

Shelaine, ponders for a moment bringing forth the definiton from her mind "Chaos magic….occurs when two evils meet and combine *shivers in lust* to form a being of pure exhalted….chaos.."

Shadia takes a step closer towards the middle of the abandoned campsite, her boots digging deeper into the moist soil, "So far… I like… alot. So you would need me as much as I would need you… That is a rather titilizing idea…"

Shelaine looks about the area as if being watched. "You see…the theory is…The chaos can make or erase any one thing in the world..but..may only be called upon once"

Shelaine bites her bottom lip grinning to herself "And Who better to preform the ritual with than you my dear?"

An eerie howl echoes through the rocky peaks, sending shivers down your spine…

Shadia takes another step, her right foot landing ontop of an old fire stone, the ashes blending in with her black boot, as she listens closely, her heart starts to race, the excitement almost overwhelming, "If I agree… what do I gain from it?"

Shelaine approaches shadia ever so slowly, moving around the back of her, whispering softly in her ear "Power…."

Shelaine smiles devilishly as she contemplates her plan further "You see..Doyle..has Loyalty to his nation…Which is his weakness…Which we will use against him"

Shadia, the sapphire color in her eyes deepening as the word 'Power' plays over her ears. "Oh how perfect! How utterly perfect!" The pitch of her voice raising in sheer happiness?… Nay not happiness… sheer demented thoughts.

Shelaine smiles in a quite evil manner, clapping her hands together twice in excitement "You see…Magic is quite weak amongst the realms these days….Doyle will do anything for his Nation you see.."

Shelaine, contines to ponder her plans further now floating about back and forth. "What's a few magical essences to the humans…*snorts in disgust* They are ignorant of their true magics anyway.."

Shadia kicks a stone from the same spot it must have been in for a rather long time, "Essences? You wish to take what they possess… they only true power… Oh how wonderfully evil you are!" Shadia, now laughs, a raspy, strained laugh, "Than we have a deal? I help you… and I gain… whatever I want from the humans as well…"

Shelaine's eyes turn to dark pools of back, forming a dark abyss as the winds begin to gust "My Darling..I believe this will be the start of a beautiful….beautifully evil relationship"

Shadia withdraws her foot from the stones, her hands idley sitting at her sides, her cloak swaying ever so slightly in the wind, a whisper escapes her lips, "Than the deal is set… We will make our first move as soon as possible! The humans will never know what hit them! Possibly they never will…"

Shelaine places her hands upon her lips, just smiling at the thought of the evil and destruction to come "Most of all…It'll be fun."

Shadia grins once again, the ruby color of her lips making her pearly teeth ever more flashy through the darkness, "Oh, what fun we shall have Countess… And others's wonder why the Ilythiiri and the Pixies are aligned? Silly beings, them all."

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