The Rebuilding Of Gemstone Hall

In the days that followed Stonegrip and Goldenrod wandered hand-in-hand, discovering their ever-deepening love. She in her flowing robes, and he in his fine mail walked up and down the passes between our beloved mountains. They say that as the sun shone from Goldenrod's hair and the glint of Stonegrip's polished mail plate glistened, the citizens of the Realms could see them even at the top of the highest mountains. And where they went flowers burst from their buds, and springs gushed forth with sweet water and the verdant land was enlivened again until at least, after many months, the whole of the Realms had been renewed.

Upon hearing of Stonegrip's return many of the families sent delegations to present greetings and assurances of their love. Goldenrod's own father and mother and all her brothers and sisters came with foods, and baskets of crafts and, yes, barrels of fine ale. In time, as we know, Gemstone Hall was rebuilt from the ground up. And our Hall, as you have seen, has been renewed with the fine crafts of wood and gems it once knew. And even pixies and elves and Men of DarkHaven brought gifts and offerings, so glad were their hearts at the wondrous renewals the Realms had seen.

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