The Unexpected Meeting

A Hall in Castle Darkhawk
This hallway of Castle Darkhawk stretches to the east and west. The walls
are covered with banners which proudly announce a coming of peace and hope,
although you somehow doubt that this can be guaranteed. A large archway
between the northern wall leads into an immense chamber, that sits off center
from the rest of your surroundings.
Exits: north east west

Varrick walks out of a shimmering portal of pure darkness in front of you.

Varrick eyes Doyle suspiciusly, then, in a voice booming only in your head, say's "I hear you where seeking me mortal… Why ?"

Doyle nods slowly to varrick, "Well, the humans are trying to recover our history, and I heard you had good knowledge of our past.."

Varrick chuckles "One can say that, Others could say that I was one of the main reasons for that past."

Doyle shrugs slowly, "Well either way I would be interested in hearing what you have to say.." he says in a calm confident voice.

Varrick smiles, something definetly wrong here, as it is a smile that only shows his contempt and hate for the living "As you can see, I am the only one left of your history, not even the records of your history has survived the test of time.. Yet I still walk.

Varrick continues " these lands unharmed, untouched by age, only more powerfull than ever"

Varrick eyes you, than once again grins "I imagine that you have been warned that I am not too inclineed to share the knowledge I have…"

Varrick pauses for a few moments, letting his words sink in "Unless of course… You had something of interrest to me"

Varrick continues smiling, only enhancing his razor sharp canines, the hate in his eyes, his pale skin, and the sparkles from his crown on his head.

ooc: canines=fangs

Doyle nods again, "Yes I figured this situation would arise, so i went out on a little excursion and found an interesting item i thought you might like.." he says playfully.

Varrick yawns out of annoyance "Let us see what you have found", yawning again out of boredom and desinterrest, he extends a clawed hand towards you.

Doyle keeping a stern look on his face reaches down to his pouch and pulls out something held in his hand, he lets the amulet drop from his hand and dangle down, emerald and ruby gems form a yin-yang shape in the center of the amulet outlined with gold. He takes a quick look at it, admiring its elegance, then he look to varrick, "I found it in a dragons nest south of here, it caught my eye, i did some research and it turns out it is an old, old item, it is said to have the power to increase the wear'ers abilities ten fold, if used correctly… but with someone of your calibur im sure you know how to use it.." he grins slightly."

Varrick eyes the amulet suspiciusly, then his eyes narrow down, observing you attentively, he lift's one finger, and the amulet starts floating on its own, slowly floting towards Varrick's clawed hand.

Varrick watches your reaction closely, analyzing your every move.

Varrick takes a quick look at the amulet in his hand, and then smiles at you, once again, something is wrong with this picture, it seems too easy.

Varrick tells you "How sure are you on these powers, and how much do you want the information on your people"

Doyle crosses his arms as he ponders the words a moment, "I cannot be so certain on the item, i am no expert on crafts, it is just what i read.. however the information is very vital to me, it will help reunite the humans again…"

Varrick burst out in laughter "And you expect ME to help you achieve that ?"

Varrick throws his clawed hand back in contempt, the amulet flying back towards you!

Doyle shrugs slowly, "One can only hope…" he says in a solemn voice.

Doyle remains motionless as the amulet hits him square in the chest then falls to the ground..

Varrick stops laughing for a moment, an amused look forming on his lips, still, contrasting weirdly with his razor sharp fangs…

Varrick grins "So you want hope… Ill give you hope… Take your amulet, and learn its powers, When I return, If you can defeat me in combat, Ill give you the information you seek"

Varrick laugh's in contempt.

Doyle makes a low grunting noise, "I do not need the amulets powers, i perfer to be strong from my own efforts… but if you want a duel, then fine i can give you that.." he says sternly..

Varrick grins "Then here is a foretaste", his eyes turn blood red, he hisses thru his fangs, and raises a clawed hand, unleashing waves of ennergy towards you!

Doyle flys back off of his feet as he hits the ground and lands on the side of his back, legs rolling over his head gracefully back to his feet with one leg back and arms raised to cover his body..

Varrick grins at Doyle "It is plainly obvious that you have no hope in such an endeavour… I had a better idea, one that would be much more amusing to me… Do you want to know what it is ?"

Doyle glares at varrick, "Well, do i have a choice?" he says with a snarl..

Varrick grins at Doyle "No, Not at all… Here is my terms, find four nations leader, and convince them to accept WILLINGLY to be used by me to feed."

Varrick continues "I will sink my fangs in there neck, and drink there blood. They will not die from it, but the experiance may be slightly… unpleasant. And they must be willing"

Varrick continues "You of course, can be one of the four"

Varrick laugh maniacaly, apparently pleased with his idea.

Varrick then say's "If you succeed in this, I will indulge in your curiosity"

Varrick say's "So be it, I will return to checkup on you later", he waves a hand and a a portal of pure darkness shimers into existence, as he walks thru it, it blinks back to nothingness!

Doyle's face is filled with disgust as he comes out of his fighting stance and pats the dust off of his armor, he heads west to the town road, a troubled look doning his face.

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