An Elegant Courtyard
The white cobbled stone walkway leads into a spacious area. The floor here is tiled with many lustrous colors and all of the tiles are arranged into a simple, yet elegant mosaic. Tiny shrubs and rosebushes are arranged along the edges of this courtyard, and in the center lies a beautiful fountain. A strong, carved door inlaid with silver and protective runes stands as the only thing blocking the entrance into the keep itself.
Exits: east south west
A beautiful fountain is here, spouting crystalline drops of water into the air.
(Hide) Sinfonian is leveling Vargis (Advocate) is hovering here.
Orcadian Lionheart (RC) is standing here.

Doyle stands facing the fountain arms crossed, staring into the water, "I am glad you made it.." he says sternly not looking away from the water.

Sinfonian stands behind Doyle, staring off into space "I still do not know why you have summoned us"

The keep stirs to life, as another day in Lomar begins a new…

Doyle continues to stare at the water as he speaks clearly, "The orcs are coming. We must be ready." he pauses for a while then speaks up once more, "One of you attack me." He states.

You hear Orcadian hrm.

Sinfonian immediately looks about, his hand on the hilt of his sword "What?"

Orcadian grabs the hilt of his sword as he draws his blade, pauses and asks "For what reason do you wish for this attack?"

The sky is getting cloudy.

Doyle remains in his position, "Just do it." he commands.

Orcadian shrugs as he charge at Doyle, blade in hand.

Orcadian raises his sword high then strikes down towards Doyle.

It starts to rain.

Doyle's eyes flicker back and forth as he listens to Orcadians footsteps, waiting for just the right moment, he hears them stop and quickly turns around, he uses the open palm of his right hand to hit the flat of Orcaidans blade knocking it aside.

Sinfonian nods his head in understanding, saying "Ahhh, yes.."

Orcadian steps back a little shocked, wondering whether he should continue.

Sinfonian has watched the action in silence, surprised at how quickly Doyle moved.

Doyle eyes Orcadian for a split second, then instinctivly unsheaths his sword in a flash and in one motion brings it toward orcs throat, "Do not let your guard down.." he says warningly.

Orcadian quickly drops to his back bringing his foot crashing up towards Doyle's sword wielding hand.

Doyle's hand flys up as he loses his grip on his sword which falls down off to his side, he quickly unsheaths his second sword and brings to down to orcaidan's chest as he stands over him, "In my experience, I have found the ground a bad place to be in a fight." he utters calmly.

Sinfonian suddenly rushes towards Doyle, his sword slashing horizontally.

Orcadian nods towards Doyle, "It is my experience that anyplace is a bad place to be in a fight."

Orcadian notices Sinfonian's charge and uses this chance to roll away towards his disarmed weapon.

Doyle hears the footsteps behind him, he turns around and clashes his sword with Sinfonian's parrying the attack as he hops over Orc, and squares off against the two, "Alright, lets see how well you two can do against me.." he challenges.

Sinfonian crouches slightly, facing off with Doyle, shooting a glance towards Orcadian.

Orcadian grabs his sword quickly, rushes to his feet, then charges Doyle as he is engaged with Sinfonian.

Sinfonian thrusts with his sword, the blade gleaming in the light.

Orcadian leaps off the ground spinning in a full circle as he swings his blade furiously at Doyle.

Doyle circles his blade around in front of body once, catching sinfonians blade and knocking it out of its origonal line of fire as he keeps his blades momentum going again and pulls his blade into another circle as makes contact with orcs blade, locking the two blades together with him.

The rain's intensity breaks.

Sinfonian stumbles, and regains his balance after Doyle's parry, then turns to face the fight once again.

Orcadian quickly steps back in attempt to make Doyle lose his balance.

Sealom arrives from the north.

Sealom drinks from a beautiful fountain.

Sinfonian lunges at Sealom, his blade aimed towards his heart.

Orcadian hears the sound of more footsteps as he glances towards the noise he notices Sealom.

Doyle grins as he twirls his sword once in his hand and takes a quick step toward orc he holds his blade out at his side looking like he is going to slash, at the last moment he turns his arm upward and tries to slash the blade down at orcadian.

Sealom parries the blow and kicks up towards Sinfonian's crotch.

Sinfonian tries to dodge Sealom's kick, but doesnt move fast enough and goes down in a heap.

Sealom takes a step back.

Orcadian taken by surprise with Doyles attack he quickly raises his weapon in defense.

Sinfonian glares at Sealom and says "You fight dirty"

The clouds are slowly evaporating.

Orcadian manages to take most of the blow with his sword as he goes stumbling back.

Sealom smiles and says "Yes, I do."

Doyle quickly follows orcadians movements not letting him get away from his line of fire as he makes a quick side ways slash at orcadians chest.

Sinfonian shakes his head slightly and charges again, his sword held protectively low until the last moment, then slashing upwards.

Orcadian quickly steps back, but not soon enough as his breastplace recieves a large deep gash across it.

Sealom pushs back with his feet and rolls backwards away from the attack.

Sinfonian continues the rush, giving Sealom a hard push with his free hand.

Doyle's sword goes to the opposite side as he completes his slash, he quickly slashes back the way it came at orcadians chest again.

Billows of clouds spread through the sky.

Orcadian again manages to stumble back taking more damage to his breastplate.

Orcadian looks down at his chest and laughs, "Almost got me there you did." He then replants his feet and brings his sword swinging upwards at Doyle.

Sealom falls to his back with his sword held in both hands pointing towards Sinfonian.

Doyle brings his sword around in a circle trying to clean the swinging sword away from his body, as it moves up it ricochets off his shoulder plating.

Sinfonian stands over Sealom, crossing his blade with his own, the blade pointed towards Sealoms throat.

Doyle brings his sword up pointing it at Orcadian, "Do not stay in such a straight line." he advises.

Sealom rolls away to the side and kicks at the back of Sinf's ankle…

Orcadian taking Doyles advice he then begins to circle around him, lunging every couple of minutes looking for a weakness.

Doyle follows orcadians movements precisely, making sure he is properly squared off with orc each move.

Sinfonian stumbles backwards a few steps, then lands on his backside. He glares at Sealom and stands up.

Sealom rises to his feet and pulls a small hunting dagger from a belt on his waist.

It starts to rain.

Sinfonian grins imperceptibaly and unsheathes his second sword, swinging the blade to loosen his arm a bit.

Sealom feigns an attack at Sinfonian's arm with his sword then pulls back and throws the dagger at his chest.

Orcadian not finding any weakness' takes a couple steps back from the fight. After a little contemplation charges at Doyle where he drops to the ground a couple strides from Doyle in effort to slide tackle him.

Sinfonian ducks, the knife deflecting off of his shoulder armor, clattering to the ground behind him.

Sealom pivots and slashes in a downward arc towards Sinf's neck.

Doyle prepares for the charge a little early as he steadys himself as he sees Orcadian slide to the ground he tries to hop out of the way, but trips over Orcaidan's leg and falls to the ground, he lands on his shoulder and rolls over on his back and up to his feet in one smooth motion as he squares off with Orcaidan once more weapon in hand.

Sinfonian parries Sealom's blow with one sword and slashes with the other, the tip headed for sealoms heart.

Sealom twists at the waist to avoid the blow and is slashed along one of the upper ribs.

Orcadian makes note of Doyles quick recovery as he studies his skilful opponent.

Feilim floats in from the north.

Feilim bows deeply.

Sealom tips his cap to Feilim. My how chivalrous!

Feilim bow to noble Sealom.

Orcadian looks towards Feilim as he sees another opponent, then charges at him with his blade lowered.

Orcadian yells out as he charges, "Ready thyself Feilim, sir."

Doyle sheaths his sword as he pulls out one of the hammers from his back, "Now i have not used this in a while.." he says musingly, he glances at the the even fighting parties, he puts his hammer on the ground and holds it by the wooden handle end with one palm.

Sealom takes a few steps back with a small grimace on his face.

Feilim yells in a cameradie manner "prepare thyself for a child of The Red Branch opponent!"

Sinfonian stands more upright, backing off his attack on sealom.

Feilim puffs up his young chest.

Orcadian sheaths his weapon as he continues his charge, buries his head and leaps as he attempts to spear Feilim.

Feilim realises that unable to adapt to such speed he falls to the ground.

Sealom raises his sword high and charges towards Sinf.

Orcadian unable to stop himself goes crashing over Feilim as he connects with the wall in a loud *THUD*

Sinfonian is suprised by Sealom's attack, barely able to defend himself, as the tip of Sealom's blade sinks into a gap in his armor at the shoulder.

Feilim muses over the melee mayhem he has unwittingly started.

The rain stops.

Feilim says 'Good job'

Orcadian slowly climbs to his feat in a shaky manor, glances around his surroundings as he holds the top of his head.

Sinfonian grunts in pain, and staggers back a couple of steps.

Feilim grips a massive cleaver tightly, grinning mischievously. Sealom pulls his arm back and SLICES at Sinf's hip.

Sinfonian jumps back and loses his balance, falling to the ground.

Doyle stands solemnly as he watches the fighting, eyeing every move carefully.

Feilim readies his weapon.

Sinfonian struggles to his feet, realizing he's been on the ground quite a bit this fight.

Sealom looks at Sinf in a knowing way!

Doyle notices feilim unattended, "Feilim, attack me." he says commandingly.

Sinfonian charges at sealom, swinging his swords furiously.

Feilim kneels down.

Sealom backs away quickly apparently not noticing that he is getting closer and closer to Doyle.

Feilim says 'I would rather cut off my right hand '

The sky is getting cloudy.

Sinfonian continues the charge, letting out a war cry that echoes off the walls of the keep.

Doyle as he hears the words from feilim he picks up his hammer and rushes toward feilim, "Do not be foolish enough to humble yourself in a battle." he says sternly as he rushes forward with his hammer raised.

Feilim says 'Doyle - I will not use my force against someone that use theirs to save mine'

Sealom runs away from Sinf's savage attack towards Doyle and yells out "SIR DOYLE!".

Feilim unwillingly brandishes his croc claw.

Sinfonian chases after Sealom.

Sealom runs right up to Doyle, hops into the air and aims a spinkick at his groin.

It starts to rain.

Doyle hears the footstep pace and the sudden stop, he quickly turns and sees the spin in mid air, he shuffles his feet sideways as his body turns, exposing his hip to sealom's kick, he takes the kick as he steps back with one foot to keep his balance, at the same time he swings his hammer horizontally hoping to hit sealom before he can regain his footing.

Sealom grabs hold of the hammer's shaft and is sent flying like the thing in a hammerthrow landing a short distance away smackdab on his ass.

Sinfonian charges in behind sealom, slashing his swords from two different angles towards Doyle.

Sealom stands up stretching out his back.

Doyle takes the hammer in both ands and starts twirling it hastily, and gracefully in front of him forming a shield of wood and stone as Sinfonians weapons deflect off of it.

Orcadian recovering from his crash in the wall unsheaths his sword and looks around for his next challenge.

Sealom pulls out his bow from his side and nocks an arrow, aiming at Doyle.

Sinfonian's swords are knocked about, one flying out of his hand and landing several feet away.

Orcadian quickly releases a dagger from his side sending it swiftly towards Sealom's bow.

Feilim says 'must gracefully decline offers of interaction'

Doyle continues his hammer twirl as he sees the arrow fly towards him, snapping as the whirling hammers speed catches the arrow.

Sealom rolls to the side avoiding the dagger after letting the arrow fly.

Feilim falls to his knees.

Sinfonian recovers and slashes at Doyle again, using Sealom's arrow as a distraction.

Sealom looks down at the bow he accidently just rolled over and crushed.

Feilim bows to the human aggressors within his radius.

Feilim says 'I depart'

Sealom waves happily.

Sinfonian waves goodbye to Feilim.

Feilim bows deeply.

Orcadian waves goodbye to Feilim.

Doyle nod solemnly.

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