Uruk Hai

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About the Uruk'Hai


Situated in a valley in the northern plains, the Uruk'hai band together to fend off their enemies and keep their culture alive. Having been forced off most of their lands, the Uruk'hai defend the land left to them with a passion. Here, in Opallinoc, the Ogres plan to reclaim their rightful lands that were stripped from them in the bloody wars of the Northern Plains.

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Visitors' Information
Visitors of other races to Opallinoc may require a visitor's token to enter the Uruk'hai lands. Contact the Nation Leader or any half-ogre to obtain a a tablet of Ogrish totems from Occam at 'Occam's Hut'. The token can be obtained with 50,000 coins and 'telling' Occam 'token'.

The Uruk'Hai Council


List of Leaders

Naithalia Apr 2001* Mar 2002
Klaatu Mar 2002 (present)
  • before this time I didn't keep records

Past and Current Plots

Roleplaying Logs

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