Vacation To Nowhere

"I hate this place." An elohai female speaks to her much larger framed companion at the familiar Troika Inn in Eldestra. Kai had been here before, several times in fact, in much the same manner as she was now - Angry and injured. "Every time I stay longer than a day in this hole, my life takes a turn for the worse."

With a pointed finger, she aims a digit straight down her line of sight at the Innkeeper's chest. "If any guards conveniently show up at my door, I will be coming back here to slit your throat."

Tuliere, the Innkeeper, calmly slides her room key across the wooden counter, "Ma'am" He responds with a slight lift to his mouth. Despite her threat, the man seems mildly affectionate toward her. Hoisting her pack over her shoulder, she quickly departs his company before he can start trying to reminisce about her copper haired youth.

Falling in step beside her, Nikolas gives her a rundown on their status, "I've checked the pubs and general notice boards on the way in and I don't see any arrest notices for you. Currently no one is offering passage out of Eldestra. I'm hoping to persuade some of them after a few drinks."

"Good, keep me posted. I have other business to attend until then." Pulling her pack tightly to her side and flinging the strap across her shoulder, she rummages through the open flap for a moment.

"This is for getting us passage, Nikolas, NOT for pretty girls that happen to wink at you." Producing a smaller satchel of coins, Kai presses it into the mans hand. Offering him a distracted grin, she turns with a flash of dark red hair and disappears behind the door to her room.

Finally alone, she leans against the closed door and tosses her pack on the floor. After several long moments, silver eyes scan across the darkened room until her gaze lands on the glittering chain of her mother's necklace. It had fallen from the front pouch of her bag to mock her and with a frown she snatches it up.

"I /really/ hate this place."

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