The Contract Of The Free People Of The Realms

[ 67] Vermicio: The Contract of the Free Peoples of the Realms
Fri Dec 12 21:28:35 2008
To: The Nations of the Realms
So is Declared herein this most severe of documents:

The Contract of the Free Peoples of the Realms

As will be surmised by the proceeding pages, the details and attributes,
clauses and purposes of this document are to be made public record and made
available to all peoples forthwith. Though the legal attributes of this most
solemn of articles will be more fully defined in the full account, to be
released upon the full actualization of the Free Peoples state, this document
will exist as a summary. The following is the agreement that all participating
nations will adhere to in order to gain entry into the glorious state of
the Free Peoples of the Realms.

I. All participating nations will surrender both political and military
sovereignty to his majesty, King Vermicio, unconditionally. The leaders
of both the political bodies and military institutions are thus deposed
of both title and claim and will be restored only to what power the
Doom Pixie should see fit to bestow.

II. All participating nations will adhere to a strict code of moral and
economic conduct, the latter of the two being detailed in the complete
document, the former is described as thus: All manner of dissent or subterfuge
towards the person of the King or that which is his will, will be dealt with as
a matter of high treason and a death penalty will be exacted without trial or
consideration. The person of the King is thusly defined as any part or
constituent of the Free Peoples. The law of Thoric shall preside until such
time that a more complete law is presented following the full realization of
the Free Peoples. Any offense against the basic logics of goodness presented
by said law shall be dealt with as though the offense were committed against
King Vermicio himself.

III. All participating nations will cease all economic relations with any
non-consenting nation. Any preexisting contract or obligation with
non-consenting nations is thus rendered void until that nation is permitted
access to the glorious union of the Free Peoples. All trade embargos or
economic sanctions between participating nations are also rendered void.

IV. All participating nations are herein entitled to a single representative
within the cabinet of his majesty, King Vermicio. This representative must be
chosen by the people through free election and the incumbent leaders during the
time of the nations entry to the Free Peoples is so declared as ineligible for
consideration. This representative will have no authority over policy or
practice of the Doom Kings will, but is permitted to relay the wishes and
necessities of their respective peoples directly to the king without

V. All participating nations will be required to have their people bear the
mark of the Doom King upon their right hand as a testament to their fealty.

This mark will be given by the local magistrate of the given nation and will be
treated as a holy symbol of devotion. Any attempt to conceal or remove the
mark will be regarded as high treason and the persons offending will be
summarily executed.

VI. All participating nations will surrender their property and services as
required without question or negotiation. This includes all agricultural,
military, or trade resources.

So it is Declared and so it shall be. Thus is presented the basic contract of
entering nations unto the Free Peoples of the Realms. Those abiding shall be
welcomed and honored, receiving the incalculable benefits and rights afforded
by the Doom King. No nation or recognized political body who so chooses to
enter unto this contract shall ever fear those who have not. The powers of the
Doom Pixie King shall be bestowed in defense of all consenting peoples and thus
no state within his design shall be with fear or concern for the safety or
prosperity of their peoples.

Long live Vermicio, Doom Pixie King, and long live the Free Peoples of the
Realms. May the coming of the final dawn see the realization of absolute
freedom and prosperity for all peoples of this world.

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