Name : Vien Zuccari-Gleamwing
Race : Pixie

Description :
Wings unlike a pixie's unfurl at an odd angle from this fae creature's back.

Not translucent, nor glittering - his wings are opaque; quivering like the surface of a mercurial quagmire, blotched with dark patches as if beings were caught and pulled into those subtle depths. The wing tips hang at an absurd slant, dripping unto themselves and tapering to an icicle's sharpness - shiny, silvery baubles.

And those wings seem to gently blend into the argent expanse of his body, like a sterling-silver statue.

Perhaps thus the wings are the only deviation about him and the rest of the pixie seemed very well-dressed and common-sensical indeed. A pair of very normal looking leather boots, a pair of dark umber pants, a tunic of an unusually fine material one may associate with merchants of fair wealth and by his hips, the sapphire-emboldened hilts of two very ordinary daggers, their shifting fires of beryl, teal and cobalt reflected in his brilliant, blue eyes.

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