A New Haven And Friend

[ 92] Viktoria: A new haven and friend
Fri Jan 1 12:11:12 2010
To: Readers
The first priority for a cainite coming to a new city was to find a suitable haven. Upon arriving, Viktoria Nordstrom was well aware of that. Despite the fact that she lacked common sense most of the time. When it came to survival, she was clear as day. The abandoned wharf with its deserted storehouses was the perfect place to claim as her haven. Just a few adjustments here and there to ensure a sunproof resting place and it was done.

Viktoria was also aware that she had not introduced herself properly to the Prince of the City. She meant to, really but see…she forgot a lot. While it came back to her at some point it usually was too late, or too early in her case and it was time to return to her haven. She would have to write herself a note to point out her laps in memories. Good idea!

The next night, she awoke with a note pinned to her chest. With mad eyes she jumped down from her "confinement" and into a deep crouch. Someone had invaded her haven and had the audacity to even leave a note! Her fangs descended while she crumbled the note in her growing talons. There! She could see the intruder! Still in a crouch, she approaches. "Now, now Viktoria. Why so hostile? I am only here to serve you, rest assured."

Moments later, the Malkavian was relaxed, chatting and even laughing. A rat scurries along the floor and halts briefly, standing up on its hind legs. It probably was wondering why this woman was sitting in front of an old mirror, idly talking to herself…

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