Necessary Sacrifices

[ 72] Vokith: Necessary Sacrifices
Fri Dec 12 23:30:11 2008
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The High Chieftain of the Rukhas'dul had suffered much in those few
short minutes with the self-proclaimed Doom King of the Pixies. What
had begun as a summit to discuss diplomacy had turned into a bloody
rout, his finest Warchief left with only a single eye.

His pride was all but lost, his surrender an image that would be
burned in the memory of that Warchief for the rest of her days, as
a testament of how unworthy he had been. Vokith was fortunate that
she was a mute, and a tanskin, else his reputation among those
citizens who truly mattered would be spoiled.

Still, standing as he was in full battle armor and draped in the
colors of Krozloy, he felt unworthy. Glancing at his reflection in
his own, shining steel short sword, he knew that he had been a

But what could have been done?

He could have fought, yes. But he surely would have died. His people,
unlike those who followed Vermicio, were not a magical race. They
possessed no sorcery. That immediately put him at a disadvantage.

But even more alarming: the Pixie King had come spoiling for a fight.
This was not the kingdom it had been under Kosaim Arcannis. It had

[ 73] Vokith: Necessary Sacrifices (II)
Fri Dec 12 23:30:16 2008
To: Readers
become something very different.

The greyskinned orc took a deep breath as he stepped out onto the
ledge which had been carved out of his chamber wall. When he did
so, he was met with the cold chill of the Krozloy winter and the
blinding sun that accompanied it, reflecting off the glistening
snow beneath.

Ordinarily he would curse that brightness, but on this day he
did not wish to see the thousands of Rukhas'dul who had gathered
to hear him speak.

"Greetings, my citizens!" he roared in orcish. He was met with the
roar of the crowd, who had embraced him all too willingly after he
had slain Bonehewer the Brutal.

"I stand before you today a proud Rukhas, for today we have made
great progress! We have signed our first true peace accord!" The
crowd roared once more.

"From this point onward, I am no longer your High Chieftain. That
title passes to Doom King Vermicio of the Pixiekind. Henceforth,
I am known as Magistrate Drah'zi, of the Free Peoples!" The crowd
roared again, but many did not understand the true meaning of that

[ 74] Vokith

Fri Dec 12 23:30:19 2008
To: Readers
sentence. Having heard the word 'free', they assumed that
it could only be good news.

"There are a number of concessions which will be made,"
continued the former High Chieftain, his orcish words
rattling from his lips like the rattle of a snake prepared
to strike. "These are necessary sacrifices, to be made
on the altar of freedom and equality for all!"

Once more the crowd was in uproar, and the Magistrate knew
that his task was done. Turning his back to his people,
his shoulders slumped and his knees grew weak. He felt
sick. But what could he do?

"Yes, these were necessary sacrifices," he consoled himself.
"For the survival of my people."

Even he could not believe it. Having just been freed from
one tyrant, another had risen in his stead. And all blame
would pass to Vokith Drah'zi, Magistrate of the Free Peoples
of the Realm.

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