Hoping he was at least not that conspicuous, a tall, shrouded figure made his way behind a couple of half drunk seamen and settled himself with just enough distance to see the movement of lips as the party of three infront of him exchange words.

A pixie with strange wings, as if his maker glued those appendages onto his lean body and two seamen he did not exactly recognize, though their clothes and features seem to mark them off as quite experienced at their trade and craft.

The shrouded figure was careful not to allow his sword's scabbard to clank against the wooden side of his chair as now he leaned in further to watch the group's lips and mouth movements.

"delicate cargo"

The group rose and headed into a private backroom where the figure could not watch them anymore. Yet, the figure itself did not stay and left, and before that, paid for the unfinished drink with a nugget of elven silver.

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